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You just don’t luck into things as much as you’d like to think you do. You build step by step…” ~ Barbara Bush

 Yesterday’s blog about the Library of Congress, the keeper of all things published, in Washington, DC brought to mind how things have changed in libraries since the days of wooden card catalog boxes. Ever since index cards were replaced with the On-Line Public Access Catalog (OPAC) new search methods have been developed for identifying publications people are seeking to find. 

 It is essential that  independent publishers can found through the On-Line Public Access catalog. http://bit.ly/pug0x. In order to be a successful independent book seller, there are four user tasks that must be incorporated into e-marketing your book. Potential buyers must be able to identify, find, select and obtain your book or other published media. Without understanding and utilizing the tools that are used in today’s computer cataloging systems, it is difficult for your publication to be visible among all the rest. 

Marketing over the internet is more complex than just having a website presence. Becoming visible as an author through e-marketing is as important as bringing visibility to the publication itself. Publicity and marketing of both product and “supplier” will greatly increase your publication’s chances of being found and sold! 

If you do not understand the strategies behind selling and marketing your publication over the internet, seek help. Contact a company that specializes in e-marketing for independent publishers.

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Make the Most of your Post

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 “All those moments written or read together take on movement and architecture of the narrative.” ~ Marilyn Hacker

One of the most frequent complaints that I hear about those who have just entered the blogosphere is that their blogs never get read. Thus, frustration sets in, blog postings become infrequent or non-existent at all. Personally, I find blogging to be extremely fulfilling and like last night, I often find myself lying awake plotting and planning my next post. 

Not understanding the why’s, how’s and when’s of blogging can lead to feelings of “What is the point?” So many bloggers unnecessarily give up on their efforts when all it really takes is a little education and a few tweaks to their approach. Folks, remember blogging is not just an exercise in writing! There is a reason and a methodology behind it that needs to be understood and utilized so that you are not just wasting your time.  

Marketing over the internet is a whole new science. Independent publishers, as business owners, need to understand how to reach communities of people who are looking for their products and services. Before you give up, seek the help of an e-marketing professional who understands the science behind marketing through the internet. Often a little coaching is all it takes to fully understand the nuts and bolts behind marketing in this digital age.

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