Marketplace Competition: Mind the Gap

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“One thing I know about change is we are not going to close the achievement gap without educators.” ~ Margaret Spellings
Watching the Olympics last week made me consider how blogging is like an athletic competition. Social media accomplishes many of the same goals as training for a sport does. Blogging provides a platform for: 

  • Improving skills (in writing)
  • Drawing the attention of competitors.
  • Providing entertainment value for an audience
  • Strengthening position in a field of expertise. 

As with sports workouts, blogging with discipline and regular practice brings positive results.If you mind the gap between well-frequented blog sites and sites with few visitors, my advice is to get in the game wholeheartedly and become serious about your social media useage. Step up your goals and set the bar higher by becoming more rigorous in your blog posting efforts. 

Fulfilling feelings will follow when you work toward the challenge you have set for yourself and take pride in your achievements. Blogging becomes a fun  way to market  products and services.

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