Film about Nature and Wild Horses

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“…and God took a handful of southerly wind, blew his breath over it and created the horse.” ~ Bedouin legend

Once again, it is Film Friday. Today we will put the spotlight on another award-winning documentary that has been aired on PBS.

The independent film, Wild Horses in the Winds of Change, by Sky Dancer Productions challenges us to think about nature and the treatment of wildlife, particularly wild horses. Horse lovers who know equines intimately say these sensitive creatures teach mankind about their own humanity, yet there are some people who place little value on the bond between these animals and people.Click for more information and ordering the film

What responsibility does man have to protect the wild species of horses as part of the natural world around us? Should we change our thoughts and actions towards horses who roam the earth in freedom?

A prestigious premiere opening at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood indicates that the Wild Horses in Winds of Change was worthy of drawing a good audience and had appealing elements on many levels.

Essentially this film is a plea to all inhabitants of the earth to protect wild horses from obliteration. Filmmaker, photojournalist, screenwriter and film director Mara LeGrand, PhD’s brings insight to this film from her career in holistic health.

Wild Horses in the Winds of Change is now available on DVD and can be ordered through this site.

Equine enthusiasts are encouraged to see this film and speak out against what many see as atrocities that are being committed against wild horses.

This blog brought to you by Sue Batton Leonard, author of Gift of a Lifetime – Finding Fulfilling Things in the Unexpected

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