Celebrating A Blogging Life



Photographic Design and Photo Credit ©  Sue Batton Leonard

Whew – Yesterday’s blog was kind of wild and crazy, today will be more of a quiet, subdued celebration!

When I began this blog All Things Fulfilling three years ago, I thought, “I’ll just float a few of my independent thoughts, words and views over the internet from the Boat. You never know what will become of it. I’ll give it a shot.”

Today I  celebrate a blogging landmark of 1,111 blogs written. It occurs to me that I have penned as many pages as some of the most well-known classic novels. Like Gone With the Wind click for info & ordering, Atlas Shrugged Click for info & ordering, War and Peace Click for info & ordering, just to name a few, they all have more than 1,000 pages in them. And as I look at the significance of  the number 1,111, it has relevance in many ways to what I write about. http://bit.ly/13Mhip5.

In each post,  I’ve tried to provide our readers with something of value about independent publishing and other fulfilling viewpoints. In my book, Gift of a Lifetime:Finding Fulfilling Things in the Unexpected, there is insightful information about why each of my life experiences are so appreciated.Click here for info & ordering.

Let’s be realistic. There are blogs out there with larger audiences.  But, the purpose of All Things Fulfilling  is to inspire our readers to explore and discover all kinds of things that are satisfying in life.  Today, I thank each of our readers who have ever stopped by this website. You are the motivating force that encourages me to keep on communicating.

Return tomorrow to All Things Fulfilling, where sharing independent thoughts, words and views is all part of the business. This blog is brought to you by www.CornerstoneFulfillmentService.com.

Street Walking with Joy


“Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul, the blueprints of your ultimate achievements.”~ Napoleon Hill 

Yesterday I gave myself a break; took time to do something fulfilling for myself. I strolled the streets and retail spaces, preparing for my personal celebration today. This is a landmark – my 1,000th blog on All Things Fulfilling. I can hardly believe it, myself. 

Today, I  share all things Christmas with you through photographic images. Enjoy this day, and I am going to do the same myself. I may even make a little yummy, sweet, holiday treat and put my feet up, just for a little bit, then I’ve got more work to do. 

Thanks in advance to all shop-owners who let me photograph their retail spaces – there will be more pictures of my walking tour of Ski Town, U.S.A next week, too!. Come on back.



Entry of the United Methodist Church “Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors


Off the Beaten Path, a fine Indie Bound Bookstore is loaded up with The Lost Christmas Gift. A winter adventure set in Steamboat Springs, on the Colorado’s Best Seller list, it hit LA Times Holiday Book Gift list and is sold out in most outlets. OTBP has plenty and the author will have a book signing tomorrow – 12/8/12 at 2:30pm!




Always a Beautiful Retail Space to visit in town, Steamboat Art Company all decked out!



Window Shopping, a scene outside the Bucking Rainbow Outfitters – what is inside is even better! Attention, fly fishing enthusiasts!


Fuzziwigs Candy Shop – Stocking Stuffer Sweets Galore!!



Christmas Tree bedecking Colorado Mountain College’s brand new facility – meets all LEED standards and has a great business enterprise center, too! This new building raises the college to all new levels!


F.M Light Store’s horse ready for Xmas. A real landmark in town. This business has been selling  cowboy boots and hats for more than 100 years! Best selection for miles around!



Homesteader Kitchen Shop – The aromas coming from this shop were enough to draw me in! Daniella was cooking up her chocolate treats and toffee (more pictures of Homesteader next week). The cinnamon,vanilla coated almonds are outstanding!


Aptly Named, “Om” this shop is a great place to calm the spirit after walking the streets. Love the lit decorative hangings that you can buy year round to add to a sacred spot in your abode, or for a thoughtful gift for a loved one.



Lyons Drug, yes indeed, great thoughtful gifts in this store, and even an old fashioned soda fountain!


Branches, Home Decor. Come back next week and there will more images of places to shop locally. Support local business, it’s what makes communities tick!

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Marketplace Competition: Mind the Gap

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“One thing I know about change is we are not going to close the achievement gap without educators.” ~ Margaret Spellings
Watching the Olympics last week made me consider how blogging is like an athletic competition. Social media accomplishes many of the same goals as training for a sport does. Blogging provides a platform for: 

  • Improving skills (in writing)
  • Drawing the attention of competitors.
  • Providing entertainment value for an audience
  • Strengthening position in a field of expertise. 

As with sports workouts, blogging with discipline and regular practice brings positive results.If you mind the gap between well-frequented blog sites and sites with few visitors, my advice is to get in the game wholeheartedly and become serious about your social media useage. Step up your goals and set the bar higher by becoming more rigorous in your blog posting efforts. 

Fulfilling feelings will follow when you work toward the challenge you have set for yourself and take pride in your achievements. Blogging becomes a fun  way to market  products and services.

This blog brought to you by www.CornerstoneFulfillmentService.com.

Asking for What we Want

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Blogging  is a fickle thing! It is a form of communication that is indirect. Because we are often trying to get a message across in a round about way, careful care and consideration needs to be taken in what we have to say. 

Sometimes, I even manage to amuse myself in my blog writing and then, I still have to put great thought into whether to publish my post or not. “Will I be the only one to get the gist?” I think. 

It happened just yesterday.  I wrote a blog that had subtle innuendos that had no malicious intent what-so-ever in my own interpretation, yet I was concerned that the meaning might be misconstrued. For someone who knew the person I was trying to reach, the obscure message may have elicited a chuckle or two. In the end, I edited the blog out of concern for being misunderstood. 

We’ve all read blogs that perhaps should have been shot down by the blogging police. If I ever have any thoughts of whether my meanings may be taken in the wrong, I usually err on the side of silence, and decide not to post. But, sometimes, I may slip out of naivety. 

For me, troubling moments come when I say something that I later regret. It happens to all of us. When that occurs, I think of those wise, fulfilling words that I have heard so many times before -“God doesn’t give you the people you want in your life, you’re given the ones you need so you can become the person you want to be.”  

Putting words out in cyberspace every day means I must listen to myself and my intuition and pray that if I fail, someone will kindly help me to understand where I have gone astray.

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Brewing Up Customers Digitally


Life is Change. Growth is optional. Choose Wisely.” ~ Unknown 

Today, we will take look at the demographics of the American population as it relates to embracing this new era of e-promotion, e-marketing and e-advertising in the 21st Century, specifically through blogging. Did you know? 

  • Bloggers are split close to 50/50 male and female
  • Only 7% of business-owners aged 51 and older are utilizing blogging
  • California, New York, Colorado and Texas are bullish on blogging
  • 53%  of all bloggers are in the 21-35 age group 

To read the full study on blogging, please visit http://bit.ly/9B83iO

More books are sold on the internet than any other product. http://bbc.in/p9aHJU. As independent publishing has grown in popularity, on-line selling and marketing has become the preferred method. E-commerce is fulfilling the needs of independent publishers who wish to sell outside of brick and mortar stores. 

Blogging helps to reach potential book buyers. It is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your site and become more visible on the internet. In fact, studies reveal that businesses that have corporate blogs have an increase in traffic of 55% on their websites. It’s true! http://bit.ly/omr5IK. You can brew up new customers instantly! 

 If you are an independent publisher who is not sure whether you are using blogging effectively or not, help is available. Consult with a company that specializes in e-marketing for independent publishers.  

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Clearly, Worth it!


I’m touched  by the idea that when we do things that are useful and helpful…that we may be helping to bring about a healing.” ~Leonard Nemoy

Discovery is a wonderful thing! Yesterday I experienced THE best way to get relief from mental clog (aka writer’s cramp) induced by writing blog after blog after blog. I decided to take advantage of a complimentary hot oil scalp massage treatment that I had won in a raffle at a WIN Steamboat http://bit.ly/jSsNQF (Women in Networking) event. After all, I had hit my goal of reaching 10,000 readers through All Things Fulfilling. It was time to celebrate!

I arrived at the doors of Kneading Hands Massage not knowing quite what to anticipate, but I felt I would be in good hands. Ali, the therapist, was voted as one of the top three massage therapists in the “Best of the Boat.” www.kneadinghandstherapy.gmail.com.

Within a very few minutes I knew that the hot oil scalp massage would be beneficial for treating my dry scalp and hair and it would be a panacea for other things too. As Ali began to work her magic on my neck, I could feel the tension begin to melt away – crack, went my neck! As she began to apply the hot oil and massage it deep into my scalp, I could feel the warm liquid begin to ooze and penetrate. The gentle stroke of her hands and the balm (the essential oils) began to facilitate an awakening of energy in my head. The oils began to reach into the deeper recesses of my being and I could sense my brain matter becoming more pliable. The tension began to ease and the mental block began to give way to clarity.

Once out of my position of repose, I had a very lucid thought. I had reached a lofty blogging goal I had set for myself and now it is time to put into place a new set of goals. Clearly, I had proven to myself that “what you think about, you bring about.”  All my efforts at blogging have indeed been worthwhile. For tips on blogging success, please visit http://bit.ly/gDGQN8.

Before I conclude this blog writing, I owe a thank you to Ali at Kneading Hands Massage. She is clearly a master in her trade of the healing arts and has been well schooled in this field. If my writer’s block returns once again, I know exactly where to seek help.

As to what my next goal in life is – that is for me to know and for you to find out! And you will. Discovery is a wonderful thing!

This blog brought to you by www.CornerstoneFulfillmentService.com.