Artistic Community Brings Commerce

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“If you have only two pennies, spend the first on bread and the other on hyacinths for your soul.”–Arab Proverb 

“Hello, Minturn! I’m back!” I thought to myself on Saturday morning, as I entered the little village just off I-70. The first time I frequented this town, nestled near the glitz and glamour of Vail, and the not yet built Beaver Creek Resort, was in the mid 1970s. That evening, I visited the Minturn Saloon, infamous for its Mexican cuisine. I had traveled there with my entire family, and another from Maryland, to Eagle County for a ski vacation.

Minturn is still small. If you blink, you can miss it. But now, it is doesn’t look like a ghost town of total wrack and ruin. Many of the bungalows and cottages have been artfully painted. There were eye-catching large buckets, planters and window boxes of brightly colored flowers everywhere – attractive. Now there is some commerce going on – I was shocked at the transition and you can see the modern day influences in this town.

Author Bill Burnett writes about the historical background of this old mining town in his independently published book  Minturn, A Memoir.

Saturday morning I had come to see the Minturn Market; I had read about it. Arriving a little early, at 8:30am,the vendors were still setting up, so I took myself on a walking tour of the village. By 9 am people began arriving in large numbers. This popular, weekly, summertime open-air market even requires a crossing guard on Main Street. The morning was delightful; I visited with artisans of all kinds selling their wares. I came home with a large loaf of “oh so fragrant” lemon, white chocolate bread that I had sampled and loved, and a unique, hand knit scarf  by Venda, that fit my fancy. I knew it was a scarf I couldn’t create myself.

Just a few of the notable business establishments that have opened in this eclectic little village are:

  • Scarab – An oriental rug and tribal arts store
  • The Yarn Studio – a wide and interesting selection of yarns for fiber arts crafting
  • Holy Toledo – a fashionable, boutique consignment shop located in  an old church
  • Mountain Pedaler, a bike shop
  • Gemini Gardens – a floral shop with gifts and home decorating accessories
  • Four or five coffee shops and restaurants

It was such a fulfilling weekend; I explored and enjoyed my own company. So tomorrow, I will blog about some of the ideas that I and my cohorts talked about on Friday evening, because they spilled over into my visit to Minturn. 

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