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“A work of art is above all an adventure of the mind.” ~ Eugene Ionesco

Did you see in the news yesterday that 75 year old mobster Robert Gentile of Connecticut was to appear in court on a prescription drug and arms case? Federal prosecutors say this man many have some important knowledge about the biggest art heist in history. Gentile’s lawyers say “he knows nothing about the art and has never stepped inside an art gallery before.” http://fxn.ws/XIr2MT.

Twenty-two years ago, the Isabella Stewart GardnerMuseum was robbed of a half billion dollars worth of art of the masters – paintings of Rembrandt, Manet, Vermeer and Degas. Despite the $5 million dollar reward that has been offered, there have been no leads in this theft until now.

This real life museum theft is the subject of a fictional book that is on my Christmas list. The Art Forgers, published by Algonquin Books, an imprint of Workmen Publishing.  B.A. Shapiro’s thriller is about deception, the authenticity of art and finding answers which may lie, according to the author within the brush strokes.Click for info & ordering

Shapiro’s book is #1 on my MUST READ list for the New Year. It is also a New York Times Best Seller and #1 IndieNext Pick list. Available in audio and e-book format, this author is experienced in bringing together a good story. She has written five other novels, four screenplays and a non-fiction book. For more information on B.A. Shapiro, please visit this link. http://bashapirobooks.com/bio .

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