E-Books: A Vital Option

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The freedom to move forward to new opportunities and to produce results comes from living in the present and not the past.” ~ Brian Koslow

Shopping-CartIf you are ready to publish your manuscript, there are many choices to consider. Offering an electronic version of a book has become a necessity if you are an author who wants to reap the benefits in the digital marketplace. More often than not, potential book buyers want to know if a title “is available as an e-book?”

According to a recent article in Publishers Weekly Magazine, sales in e-books have dipped a little from when the Kindle and the Nook were initially rolled out. However,  e-book sales have remained strong, jumping a total of “4,456% since 2008.” That is a big deal and e-books have become a “billion dollar industry” according to the article. Here is a link so you can see all the e-book selling statistics from 2008 – 2012. http://bit.ly/Hc3JVq. We won’t see the 2013 book sales results for a few more months.

In my opinion, there will be more technological developments coming that will blow away any remaining doubts that e-books are just a passing trend. Especially as digital publishing becomes integrated into more classrooms and library catalogs.

Authors don’t miss out on a stream of income by failing to offer an e-book version of your title. And remember “if you are selling over the internet, you must be marketing over the internet” because that is where your potential book buyers hang out!

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Syllabus: Gratefulness for Book Buying Customer

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Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.” ~ Harry S Truman

I just read an article on e-book pricing that made me literally laugh out loud. The article posed the question “Doesn’t pricing your e-book at 99 cents attract the wrong kind of reader?”

Since when do we place value on whether a book buying customer is “good enough to purchase a book?” Has it boiled down to needing a litmus test to determine whether a reader is worthy of reading your book or not? Attracting the right kind of reader or the wrong kind of reader, really? Are you kidding me?

This concept further complicates  book selling in this ever changing marketing landscape. Do we need to develop a scale for book pricing based on “worthiness of the reader?” Would a well qualified buyer pay more or less? Hmmmm….what a conundrum.

I am not suggesting that all e-books should be priced at 99 cents. In my opinion, it’s an individual call. If an author is willing to sell their e-book at a price less than what they would normally charge for a book-in-print, so be it.

Perhaps the person who asked the question “Doesn’t pricing your e-book at 99 cents attract the wrong kind of reader?” was just being facetious. If not, perhaps a 101 course on “How to be Grateful You Have a Book Buying Customer” is needed. http://bit.ly/qfiC0.

Today, I am going to end this blog post by practicing a lesson in my new course “How to be Grateful You Have a Book Buying Customer.”

  • Lesson 1: Smile and say, “Thank you reader! I appreciate your interest!” 

See you tomorrow on All Things Fulfilling. Meanwhile, I’ll be  further developing the syllabus for a class in “Finding Fulfillment in a Book Sale.”

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