Reaching Multi-Media Crazed Kids

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This generation of digitally obsessed students has challenged educators to find different ways of hooking kids into learning. How to teach lessons through multi-media, that will keep kids tuned in, is an on-going discussion among educators everywhere. 

There is a full service independent publishing and production company, Bluewater Productions, developing educational content by combining innovative storytelling through comic books with high quality art. 

Science fiction, greek mythology as well as biographical stories of authors, super heroes, politicians, notable women and Hollywood legends are all incorporated into the comic book publications of Bluewater Productions. The company aims to publish a fresh generation of educationally fulfilling comic books that will stimulate young minds. For more information on the library and literary initiatives that Bluewater Productions have been involved with, please visit

The company has full service art and design studios and employs over 200 freelance artists and writers from around the world from a mix of media specialty fields. Their client list includes big name film studios such as Dreamworks, Lionsgate, Sony and New Line Cinema. 

How to motivate students to be active learners is a subject of great debate among parents and teachers, everywhere. John Lubbock once said “The important thing is not so much that every child should be taught, as that every child should be given the wish to learn.”  In this 21st century, teaching goes far, far beyond textbook learning. Reaching children and inspiring them to learn in new creative ways is a difficult and challenging task.

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Engage them in Art

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 “ Creativity is a characteristic given to all human beings at birth” ~ Abraham Maslow 

Instead of holding a birthday party at a pizza joint or a fast food restaurant, surround your kids and their friends with Fine Art. Make it a gala to remember by exposing your children to culture and fulfill your parental duties of providing educational opportunities for your children outside of the classroom. Hold a Birthday Party in an Art Museum! 

The Museum of Fine Art in Boston, Massachusetts is just one of a number of art museums across the country offering birthday parties for kids. Catch kid’s interest in paintings, sculpture, folk art and other mediums of art while they are young. You can arrange for a private museum tour with a docent that is experienced at engaging and exciting young minds about Art. Perhaps a hands-on session of making a creative piece of artwork to take home, inspired by an art gallery exhibition would be fun! Send the party-goers on a treasure hunt throughout the museum looking for animals, artifacts, fashion or other themes represented in the artwork exhibited. Creative learning about art is always fun! 

Think outside the box for your child’s next birthday celebration. Instead of giving things like candy as a party favor,  how about child-sized artist berets, a box of pastels, a children’s book on a famous artist or a brush with a box of watercolor paints. It will provide a way to continue the creative streak long after the party is over. 

For more information on this fun way to celebrate a child’s birthday in an Art Museum visit or use your favorite search engine to locate a list of art museums that offer parent/child programs for fulfilling birthday fun or for rainy days. Incorporate  creative learning experiences and personal fulfillment through Art in your child’s life.

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