Unique Christmas Gift for Writers


Christmas Gifts 1The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” ~ Albert Einstein 

Know someone who is loathe to the idea of giving up their typewriter for a computer? There are still rare individuals who write books using a pen and paper  or with manual typewriters. I personally can not fathom it. Seems painfully slow and unforgiving to me.

Using a typewriter was my ultimate source of frustration in writing term papers in high school. I took a course in personal typing and I was the worst kid in the class. It was so embarrassing. Our teacher charted, throughout the year, our  typing speed progress. The chart hung on the bulletin board at the front of the class and my speed stayed steady. It never improved. I knew right then and there, my career goals did not include becoming an executive secretary at a Fortune 500 company. I’d have to find something else fulfilling to do.

 The problem was my mind and fingers raced faster than the typewriter would go, thus the keys always got stuck and locked up together. And then there was the problem of correcting mistakes. There was no delete or backspace button. Every time I made a typing error, (which was about every other word) I wanted to stand up and scream. Long gone are those days, and I am much better with a computer. The keyboard can keep up with my thoughts and my “quick on the draw” digits. 

usb-typewriterThere are companies that are taking manual typewriters and retrofitting them to USB typewriters. Imagine that!  They sell conversion kits whereby you can do it yourself,  in relatively short order, if you like to tinker. Or the company will sell you an upcycled antique model. 

If you are still hunting and pecking to find a last minute Christmas present for a writer, visit this link. http://bit.ly/TzLtXW. It may just be the solution to a creative gift.

Return tomorrow, so I can share some special Christmas words and images. Come  on back!

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