A Gift in Perpetuity from Japan

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The government of the United States is a device for maintaining in perpetuity the rights of the people….”  ~ Calvin Coolidge 

It is April 4th, and as I sat inside yesterday, in the middle of yet another snowstorm, I wondered where springtime went. On Friday, it was a balmy 66 degrees in the mountain town of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. www.steamboat.com.  The warmth felt delicious and I was finally able to shed some of my winter wraps for lighter-weight garb. The reprieve from winter, albeit much appreciated, lasted only one day. I am sure Old Man Winter returned again yesterday, to make sure he was fulfilling his duty of giving us plenty of snow. 

Right now, in other parts of the country, springtime has really arrived, no fooling around. There are no more lapses of lingering snowstorms and cold temperatures to contend with in many places. 

In Washington, DC the Cherry Blossom Festival is underway. Thanks to the kindness of the Japanese people, the United States Capitol is at its most beautiful, every spring. Millions of people, from all over the globe, visit our National Museums http://bit.ly/hdiuth  and our governmental center, in April, and  witness the magnificent blooming of the “sakura.” http://www.nationalcherryblossomfestival.org/

The trees, planted in 1912, grow more beautiful with each passing year. The blossoms provide a wealth of natural beauty to our country, and are a gift from Japan in perpetuity. We anticipate, with optimism, that  friendship with Japan, will be everlasting, too. 

Our prayers remain with the Japanese people during this difficult time. We harbor hope that our country’s financial assistance and our shipments of gifts in kind will provide a glimmer of brightness and light to the Japanese people in their time of need.

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Living with Art and Soul

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A fellow who does things that count, doesn’t usually stop to count them.”  ~Variation of a saying by Albert Einstein

The Japanese people have been in the hearts and minds of so many of us in past weeks. The aftermath of a tsumani, an earthquake and fears of radiation contamination are what the people of Japan are coping with right now.  Despite catastrophic events that are enough to turn any country into chaos and confusion, it has been widely reported that the Japanese people are calm and have a cooperative demeanor. 

Traumatic occurrences in our lives leave us feeling helpless, out of control and at a loss. Coming to light are heart-warming stories of Artists and others who are raising funds, in their own creative ways, for the victims of the devastated country of Japan. It is fulfilling to hear of instances of people, communities and countries coming to the assistance of each other. It gives us faith that there are, indeed, compassionate individuals who are leaders in this world. When communities of people and individuals have benevolence and generosity of spirit, rebuilding of lives and healing can begin. 

In era of independent publishing, many non-profit organizations are sharing their missions of building a better world through the power of documentary films. Peaceable Kingdom: The Journey Home, a project of a Tribe of Heart, a non-profit documentary filmmaking organization, brings awareness to the interconnectedness of life all over the globe. Living by commitment to kindness and respect for others and this earth, we can become agents for change. For more information on this award-winning film, please visit http://bit.ly/hQtDEi.

This blog brought to you by www.CornerstoneFulfillmentService.com.