Worth the Wait

“Forgiveness is a funny thing. It warms the heart and cools the sting” ~ William Arthur Ward

Forgiveness comes easier to some than others. I do not get angry very often, but when I do, it passes as quickly as it comes. I have never been one to hold grudges. Life is too short, I have better things to do!

I am practicing forgiveness today and hopefully, there will be others that will join me! My holiday reunion with our son has been delayed from Sunday until Tuesday night due to weather in the East and airlines cancellations. We had gotten a permit to fresh-cut a Christmas tree, and my husband, son and I had planned to cut and decorate our tree on Tuesday. It will have to wait another day,  but, I am not going to spoil my good holiday cheer by getting angry about this uncontrollable snafu!

A few e-mails have arrived from customers who had ordered a certain book for holiday giving and had not yet received it. Hopefully, they will be joining me in forgiveness today, as I have to advise them that there have been delays at the bindery and we can not ship until we receive the product in stock. Although customer satisfaction is always at the top of my list, there are some things in life that we can do little about.

Rather than pout, I am dreaming  about what awaits  me when I finally have the gift of our son home for the holidays. All that really matters is that he arrives safely. Our Christmas tree will be just as beautiful, no matter what day it arrives!

Some things are worth waiting for!!

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