Being on Target

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“All great men are gifted with intuition. They know without reasoning or analysis what they need to know.” ~Alexis Carrel

Hah! I knew I should listen to my intuition or the big guy in the sky who has been telling me to press on, not to listen to all the doubters, to carry-on with what feels right and just! I am talking about social media marketing!

One of the most high of all feels the same way I do! The Pope just advised his people that they need to spread the word by responding to “today’s cultural shifts” and if that means messing about with electronic technology and the virtual world, so be it! The Pope is an advocate for the use of electronic images, blogs, websites and videos to communicate with the masses of people throughout the world.

I concur! This is also what I have prescribed for opening up doorways of opportunity for all of our independent publishing clients! See that, sometimes it really pays to listen to your intuition or whatever elevated “being” you listen to!

Are you paying attention?

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