Rallying the Troops


“One of the things we desperately need is spiritual renewal in this country. We need a spiritual renewal in America.” ~  Billy Graham

It is Spring! What better time for Kiwanis International to have their new member campaign drive. May is coming up, and Kiwanis International of Steamboat Springs, CO is on a mission! As an organization, we are all going to put our focus into recruiting new members who have energy, heart and a common interest in “improving children’s lives, one child at a time.” Kiwanians believe “through guidance and example, we can work together to develop future generations of leaders.”

Guess what? We have started already! We have sprung ahead a month early by talking with prospective new members. To some people, spring means warming temperatures, longer days, crocuses, tulips, daffodils, baby chicks and a re-awakening of the earth from a long winter’s sleep. Those are all beautiful things!

To Kiwanians, in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, spring means:

  • Stewardship
  • Possibility for New Members
  • Recruitment
  • Interest in Improving the Lives of Children
  • Non Profit Work and the Fulfillment it Brings
  • Growth and Renewal

Membership in Kiwanis International requires little time, and it brings great rewards in personal fulfillment! Join in, meet new community members who share some of the same values, and re-awaken the spirit in your step and guide by example, future generations of leaders.

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4 thoughts on “Rallying the Troops

  1. Vesna and Sue – Kiwanis is lucky to have you! You’re doing a wonderful job with promoting the organization. Great photo of you both.

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