Observing Beauty in Silence


“The best things in life come in threes, like friends, dreams and memories.” ~  Unknown

Spring is trying  here in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, it really is!! Old man winter had to have his way with us,  just one more time! No sooner had I declared the snow was melting here in the mountains on Saturday morning’s radio broadcast of “Cover to Cover”, I had to eat my words! Snow arrived yet again, on Easter morn!

I had a good chuckle when I arrived at the church doors on Easter Sunday morning. The greeter and I spontaneously said to each other, right at the same time, ” Merry Christmas!” Old man winter sure had us confused! Instead of putting on my Easter bonnet, fancy heels and special Easter dress, we wrapped up once more in our wooly scarves, winter wraps and boots for trudging through the sloppy, wet snows.

Sometimes, our words don’t quite fit the occasion. Sometimes our words don’t quite come. And sometimes there are no words to describe what we are feeling. Today, I think it best to share a story through an image, rather than through words. The image is too beautiful to describe and the artist who has shared beauty through his Art needs to be honored.

Artist: Timothy Thies

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2 thoughts on “Observing Beauty in Silence

  1. Glad spring has finally sprung out in the mountains!
    Tim sure knows how to express beauty through his art.
    Truly a talented artist that has shared so much beauty with us through his paintings.

  2. Winter is not about to fade away too quickly. It is snowing to beat the band this morning, and so windy it is a white out. Hopefully the spring will soon win out in the battle of the seasons.

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