The Color of Life

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To send light into the darkness of men’s hearts – such is the duty of the artist. ~Schumann

Have you ever noticed how some people like to look at things through rose colored glasses and others through dark shades?

Our perspectives on life are often a reflection of our experiences, or a response to our day to day existence. As we open ourselves up to new ways of being, we add color to our journeys and our attitudes.

I received some interesting feedback from the annual blog report of All Things Fulfilling the other day.  Glassworks Inspired by Nature was the second most popular blog I have ever written in 1,013 posts. If you missed it, here is a link.

Why was this blog so significant? I think there could be a number of reasons why people found that blog post fulfilling:

    • They liked reading about Louis Comfort Tiffany’s art
    • The book, Clara and Mr. Tiffany, was interesting to learn about Click here for info & ordering
  • People wanted to know something more about stained glass and it’s history.
  • The life of an artist who saw life through a full spectrum of colors and through the love of his craft , is inspiring.

You can look through a kaleidoscope of colors in your own life by exposing yourself to an interesting mix of people, food, culture, faith and art. Or you can also enter into places of worship to look at stained glass windows, which will show you a full spectrum of colors in a different, equally fulfilling way.

tiffany-windows_05These are my reflections for today. We all have our own independent thoughts, words and views on life. Thanks for visiting this site; I’m grateful for an audience.

Note: The image is a Tiffany Studios creation of beauty.

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Better Living Books

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Are you looking for a different assortment of books, like no other? Publications geared toward mind, body, spirit and the Earth? 

The Living Now Book Awards “Books for Better Living” has a great selection of independently published books on many topics that are popular and relevant to better living. Here are just a few categories that are judged in the Living Now Book Awards. 

  • Green Living
  • Social Activism/Charity
  • Enlightenment/Spirituality
  • Metaphysical (Astrology, Tarot, Psychic Development)
  • Healing Arts/Bodywork/Energy Techniques
  • Caregiving
  • Mature Living/Aging
  • Grieving/Death and Dying
  • Inspirational Fiction

 To see the titles of the winning books that came from thirty-six U.S. States, six CanadianProvinces and 7 overseas countries, please visit this link.

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The Art of Mastery


The problem is that we humans are compelled to understand things and use words in an attempt to do so. All of those words cloud an experience that is seen and felt on an individual basis” ~ Unknown

What is mastery? “Possession of consummate skill and full command of a subject of study.” Mastery comes by way of many forms and subjects. Just when we think we know it all, we often find, there is always more to learn! Education is a life long process. Such is the art of living. 

There is an event in September that artists around the globe have looked forward to for the past three years. It is a coming together of some of the most prominent representational artists of the 20th and 21st century, to share their knowledge and expertise with others. The event, this year, will be held in Monterey, California at the Portola Hotel and Spa. It is the Weekend with the Masters, scheduled for September 7th to September 10th

Richard Schmid whom many celebrate as the most masterful representational painter of our time, is scheduled to be the Keynote Speaker. This event has gained international recognition for drawing other top artists to lead discussions, give painting demonstrations and workshops about the revival of representational painting. It is no wonder, just a few notables that will be educating and sharing their expertise in representational art are: 

To view the full list of participating master artists, please visit, Each artist is extraordinarily gifted and is so generous in sharing their knowledge, with others, in this weekend event. 

For more information on the outstanding accommodations at the Portola Hotel and Spa, please visit The facility is Monterey’s first and only LEED Hotel. It’s water-front views provide artistic inspiration as well as a wealth of other activities available to conference attendees. 

If the hospitality is as masterful as the artists attending the event, it will be no doubt, be a fulfilling weekend to remember!

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It is a LunaFest Film Friday!

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It is Film Friday! And it is going to be a fulfilling evening for film-lovers in Steamboat Springs, CO. Tonight the Luna Fest® will be at the Bud Werner Library. This film festival will benefit the Breast Cancer Fund and the Yampa Valley Breast Cancer Awareness Project/Bust of Steamboat. 

LunaFest® films are short films which highlight women’s issues such as aging, motherhood, women’s health and cultural diversity. The ten short films being shown will range from documentary to animation to fictional drama. Celebrating women, their stories and their talents through the power of film is the mission of the Luna Fest®. 

All of the films are produced by women filmmakers, some of whom are independent filmmakers, and have won industry awards for their ability to start dialogues and bring understanding to the women’s issues that they involve. 

For more information on the event, please visit: 

For more information on how to host a LunaFest® in your community: 

To learn more about the fund-raising cause that the LunaFest® will support: 

This film festival, The LunaFest® is a great representation of how the power of film brings education, awareness and important story-telling to communities of people.

We look forward to sharing with you on All Things Fulfilling, more information on our favorite films of the LunaFest® evening, at a later date!

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See you tonight!

The Light of a Soul

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“From within or from behind, a light shines through us upon things, and makes us aware that we are nothing, but the light is all.”                                   ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson 

Have you ever seen a painting that so exquisitely reflects light, that you feel as if you are seeing a reflection first hand, rather than through a painted medium? I have! Those rare artists that can so exquisitely paint reflections of light, in my opinion, are painting from the depths of their soul. Only a person with great sensitivity and talent can duplicate light that looks so real on a canvas.

How could you fully describe, in words, what the artist of this scene saw with his own eyes when he came across it? Perhaps he felt he could better communicate what he was feeling, experiencing and seeing by painting it rather than describing it through words.

As a human being with a range of emotions, when you stumble upon a splendorous landscape that takes your breathe away, a beautiful relationship between husband and wife, the gift of friendship and love, stop and turn your thoughts to what meaning you can draw from it.  There is meaning in every occurrence and relationship we encounter in life, take the time to discover it.

It was the wish of this artist, Timothy Thies, to share this magnificent  scene with not just the owner of the original painting, but with all who care to purchase a lithograph of this image, which displays the reflection of his soul. To order this image, please visit

I am grateful for beauty and light that Tim has shared with me through this image and his other beautiful paintings. His paintings have stirred and intensified my love for representational art.

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Observing Beauty in Silence


“The best things in life come in threes, like friends, dreams and memories.” ~  Unknown

Spring is trying  here in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, it really is!! Old man winter had to have his way with us,  just one more time! No sooner had I declared the snow was melting here in the mountains on Saturday morning’s radio broadcast of “Cover to Cover”, I had to eat my words! Snow arrived yet again, on Easter morn!

I had a good chuckle when I arrived at the church doors on Easter Sunday morning. The greeter and I spontaneously said to each other, right at the same time, ” Merry Christmas!” Old man winter sure had us confused! Instead of putting on my Easter bonnet, fancy heels and special Easter dress, we wrapped up once more in our wooly scarves, winter wraps and boots for trudging through the sloppy, wet snows.

Sometimes, our words don’t quite fit the occasion. Sometimes our words don’t quite come. And sometimes there are no words to describe what we are feeling. Today, I think it best to share a story through an image, rather than through words. The image is too beautiful to describe and the artist who has shared beauty through his Art needs to be honored.

Artist: Timothy Thies

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Weekend Indie Publishing News

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One of the best on-line guides to what is happening in the publishing world that I know of is the Southern Review of Books!

This on-line resource is choked full of breaking news on books, trade shows, book fairs, book festivals, seminars  for authors, publishers and micropresses. Check it out, and subscribe!


Guess who is featured in the March 2010 American Artist Magazine?  Artist Nancy Guzik! The March issue will be hitting magazine stands on January 26 and I have heard from one artist, that his issue has already arrived via subscription! The article features Nancy Guzik’s portraits and still life paintings and she shares her personal artistic journey with readers.  Don’t miss this important issue!

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In the Drivers Seat

“Our dreams can come true…if we have the courage to pursue them.” ~ Walt Disney

I had an ephiphany this morning, right when I was in the shower brainstorming what today’s blog would be. Suddenly, the thought came to me that as bloggers, we are all given a clean slate each day to write what we want. We only have to pitch an idea to ourselves!

Contrary to writers who are submitting manuscripts to traditional publishing houses, there is not an editor deciding whether your work is right for the publishing house. Getting in line behind all those other recently submitted manuscripts can be a long wait in itself. With traditional publishing, a manuscript can take years to become a book. Often a manuscript has to be submitted to many publishing houses before you get a nibble of interest from an editor.

A comparison can be made between life and independent publishing. We get to write our own story in life, too! The outcome is determined by the choices we make, our determination, the vision we have for ourselves and whether or not we will let others stand in the way of our goals.

Perhaps in this New Year, you will have  a revelation, too. If you genuinely believe in your manuscript yet have been frustrated in finding a traditional publisher interested in buying the rights, perhaps it is time to take your future, as a writer, into your own hands.  Short run printing, print on demand and The Expresso Book  Machine  now make it possible to have your book on the market in very short order and your book can become available globally through the power of e-commerce.  What are you waiting for?

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It is All about Perception

” Blessed are those who see beautiful things in humble places, where other people see nothing” ~  Camille Passaro

All day I have been listening to weather news from the mid-Atlantic States. What would be an ordinary snowstorm in the mountains, brings total chaos to areas unaccustomed to snow. If you have ever lived in the Washington, DC area, you know what I mean. If the word snow is even whispered, the government shuts down and all the people leave their offices early in a panic before the white stuff even begins to fly. As soon as that nasty word is uttered, the snowplows line up on the roads to start the vigil. When the first snowflake is spotted, the plowtrucks nearly collide rushing to be the first to sweep the demons off the trail. It is not the snow that is the enemy, it is all the people who have been driven into a frenzy by that four lettered word!

Someday, we will all learn that mother nature is not something to be defeated, controlled or subdued. Mother nature does not listen! She does her own thing, a real woman of independence!

I say “Let it Snow! And a special Merry Christmas to plein air painters of the mid-Atlantic who rarely get to experience a white Christmas. Wrap up and go outdoors and paint today. You have been given a wonderful gift from nature. Some of the most beautiful and most romantic paintings have come from plein air painters who have braved the weather and painted outdoors in less than comfortable conditions.

“Richard Schmid Paints the Landscape- November” DVD was filmed on a day when the weather conditions went from sun to clouds to snow all within the few hour film shoot. West Wind Fine Art, LLC can attest to the weather that day!  Richard’s DVD will teach you, as an artist, how to cope with changing light and weather conditions as you paint out of doors.

Richard took his slide show to the Portrait Society of America a few years ago. Maybe he can return to the Capital again, and teach Washingtonians a thing or two about changes in climate!


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Admiring Art

“Look at every thing as though you were seeing it either for the first time or the last time.”  ~Betty Smith

All of us have our own interpretation of what good art means. What one of us may deem to be beautiful, may have little merit for others. Some of us like representational art, others prefer abstract art presented in large installations or sculpture, some enjoy art in the form of handcrafted items. Creative expression comes in so many forms.

Art has merit in my own eyes, when it strikes me immediately. It may come in the form of a painting, an exquisite voice, a superb theatrical production, a symphony of sounds, meaningful lyrics to a song or a well executed book or film.  A  meal with beautiful garnishes or even a beautiful flower arrangement is a work of art.

There are paintings that I love to revisit day after day,  as if I am seeing the work for the first time.  Painter Timothy Thies has a way of drawing me into his gardens of color and light, time and time again.  As my eyes meander the canvas, I always see a stroke of paint, a blending of color or a ray of light I had never seen before. defines art as “the process or product of deliberately arranging  elements in a way that appeals to the senses or emotions.” That is a very broad definition. What really matters when it comes to Art appreciation is that it satisfies and fulfills us.

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