Fellowship of Artists

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May it be a light to you in dark places, when all other lights go out.” J.R.R. Tolkien, Fellowship of the Ring

Yes, indeed, Christmas does come in May! Last week I had a beautiful holiday in May when I unpacked my 2nd most treasured possessions (unfortunately it was not my family that I unpacked and moved here).  But, my art that had been in storage for five years. When we moved from Vermont to Colorado we were in living in a place that really was not conducive to hanging artwork. So, except for a few choice pieces, the work remained in their boxes, that I had carefully constructed to store each piece. I learned how to build the custom boxes through observation. I had watched what the master artists from West Wind Fine Art, LLC did when they transported and sold paintings.

On May 1st we moved into a new place that showcases the art magnificently. As I carefully unpacked each and every piece it was as if I was seeing the artwork for the very first time. I had forgotten how beautiful my collection. Over the following days, my husband measured and hung the beautifully framed limited edition prints (and a few originals) to perfection. I have a good eye for placement of design, but the mathematics of getting the artwork hung just right proportional to the spaces without putting a million wrong holes in walls is tricky. Terry, thank you – it’s spot on! You have a much better perspective on that than I and it is a task that overwhelms me.

When I look at my collection, much of it came from West Wind Fine Art, LLC. It brings back wonderful memories of the time I spent working with some of the finest master painters in the world – Timothy R. Thies, Nancy Guzik and Richard Schmid. Their curator and representative, Kristen Thies, creates and orchestrates some of the most outstanding art exhibits in this country. timothy thies painting

Pastel Garden © Timothy R Thies

In 2011 Kristen traveled to the U.K. as an emissary for master artist Richard Schmid when his painting of the Manor home of Sir Walter Scott was unveiled for the Abbotsford House. She had the honor of meeting and hearing the praise about Schmid’s painting ‘from HRH Queen Elizabeth during the grand re-opening of the house and Visitors Center.

To read more about the artists of West Wind Fine Art, LLC please visit www.westwindfineart.com. Don’t miss out on their latest video about their painting expedition to the gardens of  historic Middleton Place in Charleston, S.C. The images in the video will beautify your day, and so will the music. http://bit.ly/1jEyyCm .

Seeing my treasures hanging on the walls of my place of residence once again has been a gift that will bring me great pleasure, years beyond my Christmas in May.

This blog brought to you by Sue Batton Leonard, author of Gift of a Lifetime:Finding Fulfilling Things in the Unexpected.

Sue’s memoir

The Art of Mastery


The problem is that we humans are compelled to understand things and use words in an attempt to do so. All of those words cloud an experience that is seen and felt on an individual basis” ~ Unknown

What is mastery? “Possession of consummate skill and full command of a subject of study.” Mastery comes by way of many forms and subjects. Just when we think we know it all, we often find, there is always more to learn! Education is a life long process. Such is the art of living. 

There is an event in September that artists around the globe have looked forward to for the past three years. It is a coming together of some of the most prominent representational artists of the 20th and 21st century, to share their knowledge and expertise with others. The event, this year, will be held in Monterey, California at the Portola Hotel and Spa. It is the Weekend with the Masters, http://bit.ly/iaoxhp scheduled for September 7th to September 10th

Richard Schmid www.westwindfineart.com whom many celebrate as the most masterful representational painter of our time, is scheduled to be the Keynote Speaker. This event has gained international recognition for drawing other top artists to lead discussions, give painting demonstrations and workshops about the revival of representational painting. It is no wonder, just a few notables that will be educating and sharing their expertise in representational art are: 

To view the full list of participating master artists, please visit, http://bit.ly/iaoxhp. Each artist is extraordinarily gifted and is so generous in sharing their knowledge, with others, in this weekend event. 

For more information on the outstanding accommodations at the Portola Hotel and Spa, please visit http://bit.ly/klpIlz. The facility is Monterey’s first and only LEED Hotel. It’s water-front views provide artistic inspiration as well as a wealth of other activities available to conference attendees. 

If the hospitality is as masterful as the artists attending the event, it will be no doubt, be a fulfilling weekend to remember!

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All for the Sake of Learning

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What we become depends on what we read after the professors are done with us.” ~ Thomas Carlyle

In recent years, I have become a real fan of historical art fiction. Some of my past readings have included books like the Girl with the Pearl Earring, The Painted Kiss, Girl in Hyacinth Blue – all about prominent painters of the past. The latest book I read, turned my attention to one of the finest composers that has ever lived, Vivaldi.  I just finished reading “The Four Seasons: A Novel of Vivaldi’s Venice” by Laura Corona. What a fulfilling read! 

The story is about two sisters whose lives begin together in an orphanage.   Both have talent in the arts, but one sister, has a much broader view of the world and of her destiny. This leads her to a path in life, far different than the other sister, who is consumed with thoughts of a priest and maestro and what he can offer her inside the walls of the orphanage. 

The Four Seasons: A Novel of Vivaldi’s Venice, like all the other works of historical art fiction I have read, have led me to want to know more about the artist and his life. If we could reach children and teens through books of historical art fiction we might be able to add some balance to their futures. Their futures might contain knowledge about idols from the world of art and culture, rather than idols from the world of misplaced values.

For more information on this charcoal drawing on board “The Book”  by Nancy Guzik, please visit www.WestWindFineArt.com.

That is just my thought from this day of All Things Fulfilling. Much of my time is spent writing blogs and spreading the word on the future of the independent publishing industry. As soon as I get time to squeeze it in, I look forward to “Clara and Mr. Tiffany.” I understand it too, is a worthwhile, educational read.

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Coffee Table Books

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I have accumulated alot of “coffee table” books over the years. You know, the kind you sit down and leaf through while you have a cup of tea. The other day, I picked up a new “coffee table” book that has wonderful images of paintings in one of the foremost private collections in the country. Painters such as Nancy Guzik, Timothy Thies, Matt Smith and Richard Schmid are all represented in the book. Wonderful wildlife artists including Ken Carlson, Clyde Aspevig, and so many others grace the pages of “Patrons without Peer: The McCloy Collection.” I know I will pick up this hefty book time and time again as I sit with my afternoon cup of tea.

To order  on line “Patrons with Out Peer: The McCloy Collection” go to www.WestWindFineArt.com

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