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What we become depends on what we read after the professors are done with us.” ~ Thomas Carlyle

In recent years, I have become a real fan of historical art fiction. Some of my past readings have included books like the Girl with the Pearl Earring, The Painted Kiss, Girl in Hyacinth Blue – all about prominent painters of the past. The latest book I read, turned my attention to one of the finest composers that has ever lived, Vivaldi.  I just finished reading “The Four Seasons: A Novel of Vivaldi’s Venice” by Laura Corona. What a fulfilling read! 

The story is about two sisters whose lives begin together in an orphanage.   Both have talent in the arts, but one sister, has a much broader view of the world and of her destiny. This leads her to a path in life, far different than the other sister, who is consumed with thoughts of a priest and maestro and what he can offer her inside the walls of the orphanage. 

The Four Seasons: A Novel of Vivaldi’s Venice, like all the other works of historical art fiction I have read, have led me to want to know more about the artist and his life. If we could reach children and teens through books of historical art fiction we might be able to add some balance to their futures. Their futures might contain knowledge about idols from the world of art and culture, rather than idols from the world of misplaced values.

For more information on this charcoal drawing on board “The Book”  by Nancy Guzik, please visit

That is just my thought from this day of All Things Fulfilling. Much of my time is spent writing blogs and spreading the word on the future of the independent publishing industry. As soon as I get time to squeeze it in, I look forward to “Clara and Mr. Tiffany.” I understand it too, is a worthwhile, educational read.

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