In the Drivers Seat

“Our dreams can come true…if we have the courage to pursue them.” ~ Walt Disney

I had an ephiphany this morning, right when I was in the shower brainstorming what today’s blog would be. Suddenly, the thought came to me that as bloggers, we are all given a clean slate each day to write what we want. We only have to pitch an idea to ourselves!

Contrary to writers who are submitting manuscripts to traditional publishing houses, there is not an editor deciding whether your work is right for the publishing house. Getting in line behind all those other recently submitted manuscripts can be a long wait in itself. With traditional publishing, a manuscript can take years to become a book. Often a manuscript has to be submitted to many publishing houses before you get a nibble of interest from an editor.

A comparison can be made between life and independent publishing. We get to write our own story in life, too! The outcome is determined by the choices we make, our determination, the vision we have for ourselves and whether or not we will let others stand in the way of our goals.

Perhaps in this New Year, you will have  a revelation, too. If you genuinely believe in your manuscript yet have been frustrated in finding a traditional publisher interested in buying the rights, perhaps it is time to take your future, as a writer, into your own hands.  Short run printing, print on demand and The Expresso Book  Machine  now make it possible to have your book on the market in very short order and your book can become available globally through the power of e-commerce.  What are you waiting for?

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