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tissueflower1There are always flowers for those who want to see them  ~ Henri Matisse

I love those words from Henri Matisse, and in them there is a lot of wisdom. We can almost always find the positive in any situation if we look deep enough. Sometimes it takes a retrospective perspective to find out what difficult moments in life are supposed to teach us. But there are morals to be learned in everything we do, even if it is nothing more than teaching us we are stronger than we think we are or that we have survival skills and have made it through what many thought we couldn’t.

Last night I shared Matisse’s words at my public speaking class as I slipped back into my childhood for a few moments and demonstrated how to make tissue paper flowers – an art project I learned at age eleven as a junior Girl Scout.

There is a personal anecdotal story with life lessons that go along with making the paper flowers. Things I learned at age 11 that helped me blossom and grow into the person I am today. If I shared more of the story with you now it would be a spoiler for my upcoming publication.

But, if you understand the essence of Matisse’s adage, you will comprehend a wee part of what my memoir is about. I’ll keep you posted on its progress. The lion’s share of the work is already done. Now we are getting down to the nitty gritty.

Reliving an art project from Junior Girl Scouts

flower 2

flower 3

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The Color of Life

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To send light into the darkness of men’s hearts – such is the duty of the artist. ~Schumann

Have you ever noticed how some people like to look at things through rose colored glasses and others through dark shades?

Our perspectives on life are often a reflection of our experiences, or a response to our day to day existence. As we open ourselves up to new ways of being, we add color to our journeys and our attitudes.

I received some interesting feedback from the annual blog report of All Things Fulfilling the other day.  Glassworks Inspired by Nature was the second most popular blog I have ever written in 1,013 posts. If you missed it, here is a link. http://bit.ly/12WopI6.

Why was this blog so significant? I think there could be a number of reasons why people found that blog post fulfilling:

    • They liked reading about Louis Comfort Tiffany’s art
    • The book, Clara and Mr. Tiffany, was interesting to learn about Click here for info & ordering
  • People wanted to know something more about stained glass and it’s history. http://bit.ly/Wj0YlQ
  • The life of an artist who saw life through a full spectrum of colors and through the love of his craft , is inspiring.

You can look through a kaleidoscope of colors in your own life by exposing yourself to an interesting mix of people, food, culture, faith and art. Or you can also enter into places of worship to look at stained glass windows, which will show you a full spectrum of colors in a different, equally fulfilling way.

tiffany-windows_05These are my reflections for today. We all have our own independent thoughts, words and views on life. Thanks for visiting this site; I’m grateful for an audience.

Note: The image is a Tiffany Studios creation of beauty.

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