Wacky, Weird Words


When God bestowed man with the power of language, he did not equip us with a way to know exactly how and when to use words in every context.  Therefore, fulfilling an obligation to use words in a responsible manner is easier for some individuals than others. There are appropriate words for each occasion, but finding the right words can be a challenge.

Some words are used so infrequently, that they become obsolete. I have a new computer.  Let’s put it through a rigorous test to see if it can exhume some very helpful but rarely used words to assist me with my blog writing today.

The internet is a sciniary, so it should be able to rally to the task of helping me find the right words. So useful is the worldwide web to writers in so many ways. Without it, I would need to practice the art of scoteography.  Poets seem to find words that work in the context of their writing, so very easily that I have become a musophobist. I believe that poets can’t possibly come up with all those magnificent, creative words without extra God- given gifts for language, that were not given to all individuals.

This blog is becoming somewhat naufrageous! If  I continue, it will end up a capilotade and you will call me a cumber-ground and suggest that I become a bouquinist.

Does it sound like morology to you? Well, PLEASE do not discerp unless you have linguipotence.

Enough of being inaniloguous. These words are not drogulus, they can be verified. I will deliciate by ending this blog. If you want to learn the meaning of these weird, almost obsolete words,  come on back tomorrow and I will give you a full interpretation!

In the meantime, I will go try to open some boxes of books, that are hard to get into because they have segilbond around them!


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