Common Clarity

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  “Almost all new ideas have a certain aspect of foolishness, when they are first produced.” ~Alfred North Whitehead

Having good language and writing skills is important for all of us. It helps us to communicate in our jobs, with family, friends and through social media, too! But using lofty, big words that no one else understands can be frustrating and a turn-off for the reader. A book or film with a message that is clearly communicated, is the most fulfilling to me.

If you visited this blogsite yesterday, I am glad you returned today! Yesterday’s blog writing was filled with archaic words that may have left you feeling the need for a reference book on weird, wacky words. It takes time that few readers have, to continually look up words you do not quite understand. I will spare you and provide you with a clear interpretation, right here and now!

The internet is a sciniary( keeper of archives), so it should be able to rally to the task of helping me find the right words. So useful is the worldwide web to writers in so many ways. Without it, I would need to practice the art of scoteography (writing in the dark).  Poets seem to find words that work in the context of their writing, so very easily that I have become a musophobist (person who regards poetry with suspicious dislike). I believe that poets can’t possibly come up with all those magnificent, creative words without extra God- given gifts for language. A gift that was not given to all individuals.

This blog is becoming somewhat naufrageous (in danger of a ship wreck)! If I continue, it will end up a capilotade (hashed together story).You will call me a cumber-ground (someone who is useless in their job) and suggest that I become a bouquinist(a dealer of second hand books).

Does it sound like morology (foolish talking) to you? Well, PLEASE do not discerp (tear it to shreds) unless you have linguipotence (mastery of the languages).

Enough of being inaniloguous (full of idle talk). These words are not drogulus (not able to be verified). They can be verified. I will deliciate (make myself happy) by ending this blog.

In the meantime, I will go try to open some boxes of books, that are hard to get into because they have segilbond (encircling plastic bands that hold shipping cartons shut – you know- the kind that are so hard to remove until you use them as a handle).

A girl just wants to have fun on her new computer, and use a lighthearted start. In coming days this blog will be more recognizable with fulfilling content!


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