Believe it, Achieve it!

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“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. Thoughts are things!” ~ Napoleon Hill 

Last weekend, as I climbed the ladders to the caves of the cliff dwellings in Bandolier National Monument in Jemez Springs, New Mexico I was fulfilling a dream that for many years I had been wanting to see come to fruition. The ultimate pleasure of all was being able to share the dream with those that I love, my husband and my son! 

It is important to have dreams in our lives! They give us hope, they give us a reason to believe, things to aim for and things to fulfill. Without dreams, we accept life as ordinary and mundane, and we can fail to thrive. 

Before we reach our dreams,  we must first climb the rungs of the ladder! We need to set goals and reach them. Sometimes the steps to success can be fraught with fear, self-doubt and setbacks. The timeline we set for having our dreams come true does not always follow the path we would like it to. 

This weekend, I will be attending my second women’s retreat! Last year at the retreat, our leader, Mary Nelson of  asked the retreat participants to map out, through pictures,  how we saw our lives. I am pleased to report, a year later, the picture of my life, is very different. Some of the images should be exchanged, old for new, some should be revised. Make no mistake, I have moved in the direction I set for myself because I have done the personal work it takes to find success. As I have climbed the ladder of personal fulfillment, I know that whatever I believe, I can achieve. Granted, sometimes change does not happen as quickly as I would like. Sometimes the situation is out of my control, and sometimes not. What is important is that I have learned lessons along the way. 

As time marches forward, so do my dreams!

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