Fill Up and Write in Philly!

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Education ….is after all, only a tool; every thing depends upon the workman who uses it.” ~The Simple Life 


It is hard to believe it is June already. Before the summer gets away from us, I need to mention for all you Christian writers, there is still time to register for the Christian Writers Conference in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on August 10 -13, 2011. 

Fulfilling a need for writing and publishing education, networking, and obtaining feedback on publishing projects is the Greater Philadelphia Christian Writers Conference. Sixty-five professional authors, editors and agents will be on hand this year offering: 

  • 18 Wednesday afternoon early bird sessions
  • 8 Continuing sessions
  • 6 General sessions
  • 42 individual workshops
  • 2 hands-on clinics 

But, that is not all!  You can also schedule time alone to discuss your work in progress with faculty of your choice! 

If you are anywhere near the Philly area, it will be worth the expense to fill-up the car with gas to attend the GPCWC. There will be value added in this writer’s conference –while you are there you can fuel your mind, your soul, your spirit and get practical help, too. What a worthwhile conference it will be. 

To see the full schedule of events for the GPCWC, please visit

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