Fulfilling the Need for More

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“All stories interest me, and some haunt me until I end up writing them. Certain themes keep coming up …” ~ Isabelle Allende 

When Art Strikes was a blog about a photographic print that I had been struck by and finally purchased after a long wait. In reality, it was not just one print that attracted me to the artist’s work. It was the entire displayed collection. 

Once we find an artist whose work we like, we often cry out for more, whether it comes in the form of visual arts, books, films or music. Fans of Stephen King or Tony Hillerman  and many others wait with bated breathe for their next release. For fourteen years, the Harry Potter series of films have entertained children. Many kids grew-up right along with the main character, from childhood to now young adult. Fans of Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox have returned to the cinema for each new film of the Back to the Future series. Music lovers tend to buy more than one cd title of their favorite artist, too. True and avid fans don’t quickly disappear like a passing thought. 

Are you an independent publisher who has had a successful first book? Have you found your circle of loyal readers? If so, consider a sequel or a series. Begin to think of yourself not as the author of a single book but as an author brand. By having more than one publication, you can better create a real market for your self as an author and for your books. If you have a first book that is a “hot title,” it’s selling life can be extended if you are fulfilling the needs of the readers by giving more of what they want.

Obviously some books and films are meant to be “stand alone” titles, and are not suitable for a series or sequel. When writing a book, it can pay-off to keep in mind branding as a possibility. Not only are follow-up books exciting from the point of view of the reader, from a marketing or merchandising point of view, it can add great value to the independent publishers worth too.

Remember, independent publishers, it’s not just about the manuscript. This article will give you insight into what else it’s all about. http://bit.ly/aPEx0B.

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