A Mother Letting Go


Holding on is believing that there’s only a past; letting go is knowing that there’s a future. – Daphne Rose Kingma

I clearly remember my husband and me standing and waiting for the bus with our son on his first day of school. My mother-in-law was visiting. She was part of the big send off.  Surprisingly, my son had door to door service, the school bus stopped at nearly every student’s  house since we lived in a rural area in Vermont.

I remember the excitement my son exuded as he stood waiting. There didn’t seem to be a bit of nervousness or anxiety on his part, only on mine. I was a mother letting go,  reflecting on my own first day of school standing at the bus stop with my twin sister and my mother, who was probably a lot more anxious than I was when letting go.

When I think of my first day of elementary school, I think of this image. Did anyone else from the baby boomer generation have a plaid book bag like the one pictured? Sure brings back memories, doesn’t it?

red plaid bookbag 1950s

Do you like looking back on your childhood? There is a magazine you can subscribe to that will delight you. It’s called Good Old Days “The Magazine that Remembers the Best.” Here is how to subscribe. http://www.goodolddaysmagazine.com/stories/list.html?cat_id=52

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Forget the Soap?

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Life is good” represents the most beautiful, dramatic and heavy moments in life.” ~ Nas

bathtub3Please don’t disturb me, I’m scrubbin’! I’m getting rid of all negative thoughts left over from last year.  I have received the year end blog report and know just how many readers we had  and I am feeling very happy. Now – a clean slate and moving forward. A New Year always brings new possibilities and fresh opportunities. All the ingredients necessary for creating a fulfilling experience.

If you are you a person who hangs on to bad memories longer than you ought to, please don’t do it!  It’s not good for your health. http://mayocl.in/1dPJmYZ . Wash those pessimistic and detrimental thoughts right out of your head, right now, while the year is young and history has yet to be made in 2014.

Jump in a tub of warm water, relax, inhale deeply and slowly exhale releasing stress, anxiety and discontent. Go on, now,  breathe again and let your troubles from last year go down the drain. Don’t forget to rinse off well. Bad memories, like soap leaves residue that makes you itchy.

Repeat after me …..”Life is good.” And believe it.

Motivational Adages

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decide-that-you-want-it-more-than-you-are-afraid-of-itThe theme of today’s blog is this powerful adage that I use for motivation when I take on a challenge. It can apply to many different situations in life. I’ve decided to post it on my refrigerator where I can readily see it, so it will remain at the forefront of my thoughts.

If you have ever taken on a challenge, you know how important faith and hope are to success. You also probably understand that every time we allow ourselves to let go of either, those nagging thoughts of self-doubt enter into our brains and mess with us.

Hope and faith are what keeps us moving ahead in life, and without a certain degree of both, it is hard to get out of bed in the morning. Believing that good things are in store for us each day brings positive thoughts and actions.

Is there someway you can use this adage in your life to help motivate you and bring personal fulfillment to yourself? If so, you will find astounding results.

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Message of Encouragement

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WORDS-OF-ENCOURAGEMENT-QUOTES-Mistake-Quotes Happy May Day, everyone! Did you read yesterday’s blog about Dallas Clayton? He’s been acclaimed as “the next Dr. Seuss,” and his success has come out of his decision to rely on his own creativity to make a living and by taking a leap of faith.

This image on my blog today, is for anyone who will be starting a new endeavor. Relate to the words above? If so,  they are meant for you. We all need words of encouragement as we travel the path of life and wonder if we are doing the right thing. My hope in posting this quote is that you will find all things fulfilling in your decisions. Usually tasks are placed in our hands because someone else believes in us. Move forward with confidence, you have what it takes to be successful. http://bit.ly/15SuKaV.

Understand for whom this message intended.  Wonderful YOU! And remember,  “Have patience to walk with short steps until you learn to fly.” ~ St. Francis de Sales

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