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One of the most magnificent of all museum buildings in America is often over-looked by tourists visiting the Nation’s Capital of Washington, DC. Many walk right by one of the most interesting Federal Buildings, not knowing what they are missing. The real secret attraction is the architecture inside! Fulfilling the need to know what else is in it, lies just inside the walls of the building. The magnificent structure  houses the Library of Congress. Add this Federal Building to your “must see list” of sites to visit next time you are in the surrounds of Washington, DC. 

The structure  is so large  that  it can contain 147 million volumes of cataloged books, music, newspapers, pamphlets, films, technical reports/journals, textbooks, artwork and other published material. It is a library so enormous that it takes up three buildings, all connected by underground passageways. The museum houses publications on an amazing maze of 838 miles of shelving.  

Not only does the Library contain volumes of books, film and sheet music, it is the “bank”for copyright protection and copyright registration, and it is home to the United States Copyright Office

The Library of Congress also includes a motion picture and television reading room, the Mary Pickford Theatre which hosts free screenings of contemporary and classic movies and TV shows.

In recent years, a whole different class of publications have been added to the cataloging system at the Library of Congress. A small but growing collection of archived books is now available on the internet through a library initiative called American Memories. Now, some very frail volumes of books, audio visual materials, manuscripts and maps dating back as far as 1400 have been digitized. For more information on the Library of Congress, please visit

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Now that e-publishing (internet-based publishing) has arrived on the scene, an all new dimension has been added to the already confusing and complicated issues around copyright infringement and plagiarism. 

There is a company, Integrated Writer Services, LLC that is fulfilling the need for guidance, education and consulting services regarding  issues of copyright clearance. 

In June 2011, a detailed, hands-on guide will be available to help creative people take the necessary steps to protect their work to be published (both fiction and non-fiction) in digital formats and in print. The on-line guide will also address issues such as:

  • Finding good legal content
  • The process of copyright clearance including request forms & sample letters
  • Copyright lawsuits and how they apply to the creative industries
  • Resources for permission departments for art collections, publishing houses, government agencies and music administrators. 

If you pre-order the Copyright for Creatives e-Workbook, you will receive a 50% discount off the Integrated Writers Services, LLC Workshops that will be offered in May. For more information on this very valuable guide, keep your eye on details that will soon be available on

The issues that the professionals at Integrated Writers Services, LLC deal with are, indeed, complicated and are time consuming to research. Even given the self-help tools that Integrated Writers Services so generously offer, in the way of an on-line guide and workshops, many prefer to hand this part of the publishing process over to the professionals. If you an independent publisher looking for individual consultation on copyright regulations, contact today!

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