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We are an independent business first and foremost. …” ~ Erik Monge

I know we have possibly never met, but, I probably know something about you already! You favor the unique, your sites are set on something a little different, you tend to gravitate toward people who form their own opinions. How do I know? You are visiting this blogsite, aren’t you? We are all about independent, thought, words and views! 

Since we think alike, I thought I would share with you something that is taking our communities by storm! It is called Indie Bound. It is a community of people who are working to “strengthen the health of Main Street all across America.” You can find and locate businesses across the U.S. that have the same independent spirit that you have. You can find hardware stores, gift stores, specialty food stores, pet stores and more at the click of this link

We are all in this country together. I don’t know about you, or perhaps I do, but I want America to continue to exert her independence and thrive! That is why maintaining the cornerstone principles of our country are so important! It is also why an American fulfillment company specializing in e-commerce and e-marketing for independent publishers was born!  

E-Commerce has it’s advantages and it serves a purpose, there is no doubt about that. But still – get out, support all kinds of independent businesses and support what you and I believe in – our country’s Main Streets!  

See you downtown! 

 My indie view – Weston, VT is the prettiest little town around! Don’t know if this store is Indie Bound but it is a worth a visit!

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