Putting Back the Balance

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life like a bike

I love this image because it reminds me of a simple life – when tragedies such as what we just saw occur in Paris did not happen. A time when people were more caring toward their fellow man, had moral standards and pride that people worked hard toward achieving. Being a good, law-abiding citizen was something to be proud of.

Internationally things are a mess, and the only thing we can do as individuals is strive to do the right things in our own little worlds – in our families and in our neighborhoods and communities.

There is truth in the quotation “in order to keep your balance, you must keep moving.” Physical activity is good for a healthy mind, body and spirit. But, moving constantly due to unnecessary holiday frenzy, climbing the corporate ladder or wanting to have it all and wanting it NOW can lead to burn out, stress and imbalance. Results or goal driven people have a difficult time recognizing when they are teetering, ready to crash, until its too late.

have a cuppaIt’s important to take time out for ourselves and our families. When you’ve been on a roll, it is even more difficult to lay down the law with yourself and call it day.

So, my writing today is sort and sweet. I’m going to pretend what retirement looks like for a just a few minutes, with help from this article.

Do return tomorrow on Film Friday. I will be posting some information about a  just released movie that you and your family might enjoy watching together. You may remember this story of hope as one of the most compelling news stories of 2010. I remember sitting in front of the television in rapt attention as the events of this day in history unfolded.

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Putting Faith in a Move

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You block your dream when you allow your fear to grow bigger than your faith.” ~- Mary Manin Morrissey

tell us your storyThis winter marks my fifth year in Steamboat Springs, CO. I’ve enjoyed it immensely. I like the positive energy of the people – they seem to live with purpose and intention rather than just going through the motions. Healthy mind, body and spirit is the focus in this place of awesome beauty. Besides recreation, the arts and entrepreneurship reign supreme. The people are so friendly and there is always something to do in this community. The wonderful library is a hub of activity. I’ve gotten quite involved all around.

Friends and family ask me all the time “Do you think you will live there the rest of your life?” Since I can’t answer that, I’ve decided I’ll live with the attitude that my mother-in-law used to have. She always said “you live till you die.” Alrighty, then! So I’ll say “I am here till I go somewhere else.”  By the way, my mother-law fulfilled her promise by living to the ripe age of 92.

Next Monday on All Things Fulfilling I am going to share a piece of writing from a creative writing class I took last winter. It’s about first impressions – arriving in this town of Steamboat Springs the day after Thanksgiving, five years ago, sight unseen. People ask me all the time – “How did you do that? Move to a place you had never seen before?” My reply….”I just put faith in the fact that I would like it.”  And so it happened, just like that!

Here is a great article called Living with Faith and Making a Great Landing. http://bit.ly/18wEp9O.

Do you have a story you could share about taking a leap of faith? Start writing!

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Designing a Life for Success

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Joy is the umbrella for life’s storms.” ~ Chris Vanderzyden

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to have lunch with author Chris Vanderzyden. We met at the Northshire Bookstore http://www.northshire.com/  in Manchester, Vermont and she arrived every bit the “dynamo” I expected, despite having just returned the night before from Bali and many hours of international travel. She had been at an event with Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup for the Soul fame. Click for Canfields Publications

Chris is a corporate trainer, motivational speaker and business development leader. After years of working as a CPA and living a stressed-out lifestyle in Los Angeles, she traded in her career for a quieter way of life that has afforded her the ability to design a joyful existence that works for her and her family.

vanderzyden2Her book, A-Z Blueprint for Success: A Strategy of Action Steps to Elevate Your Business and Life was published out of Vanderzyden’s desire to help others create a more fulfilling way of life. She establishes, at the outset, that “having a successful life means something different to everyone.” According to Vanderzyden, a person is prosperous if they have a lifestyle that supports a healthy mind, body and spirit.

In order to achieve this result, defining one’s own core values is essential. The author provides an appendix of words which helps the reader to personally draw up a “custom” blueprint that very specifically identifies what a successful life looks like for them. Vanderzyden points out that action and persistence is necessary to achieve what one desires. Anyone can be successful with commitment to the principles she outlines in her A-Z Blueprint for Success. Click for info & ordering

I’d put Vanderzyden’s publication on a booklist for independent publishers who struggle to find time to complete their publishing projects or for those who need to find steps that will motivate them to consistently and successfully self-market their books. As the author points out, sometimes a better route to success is to hire someone else, for a small amount of money, so that will free up your talent for more productive tasks. She has become an expert on effective time management skills.

To learn more about Chris Vanderzyden’s corporate training programs and about a second publication that “is slotted to become a bestseller,” please visit http://bit.ly/12jZaTh. Click for info & ordering

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