Health Perspectives with Karen Gilroy

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Every human being is the author of his own health or disease. ~ Buddha

karen gilroyThere is a new blog talk radio show called, Living a Richer Life that will be premiering on Thursday, February 6, 2014. The first show will be featuring one of our We Write Steamboat authors, Karen Gilroy, author of Nourishing the Healer Within.

Gilroy has her Master’s of Science degree in Holistic Health and she will be speaking with listeners on the power of the body to heal itself and the interconnectedness of the mind, body and spirit. In order to have good health, she says “all three must be in balance.”

When one of these aspects of our lives is out of sorts, symptoms of illness may occur. Gilroy contends that we need to listen to the messages our bodies are sending us because “the inner intelligence of the human body is constantly assessing and analyzing all the cells.” When we are not well, we need to rest which allows our bodies do the work it needs to do in order to self-heal. Positive results will follow.

Gilroy will also be focusing on how the mind plays an important role in the self healing process on the February 6th radio show. I encourage our readers to listen in to this 45 minute talk to learn more about how to be in charge of your own health, and understand the body’s natural healing abilities. Gilroy says “You can stop fearing illness and lead a more fulfilling life with mind, body and spirit in balance.”

Living a Richer Life with hosts, Dr. Charlotte Grant-Cobb and Ervin (Earl) Cobb will air every Thursday, featuring a diversity of guests who will have inspiring and motivational things to say to Americans who are looking for positive change in their lives. Listeners should tune in at 9pm from the East Coast, Central time zone at 8pm, 7pm Mountain Time and 8pm Pacific through this link.

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