Sisters of the Heart


True friendship takes us by the hand and reminds us we are not alone in the journey.” ~ Unknown

sue mary and jan and neighbor kids enlargedI love this photo of my twin sister and me with our neighborhood buddies! It was sent to me as a surprise, compliments of It was dug up out of the archives! I am truly grateful to have it!

I am the twin on the right.  The photo was taken during my “difficult days.” Before life really began to get better for me thanks to the cardiologists at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Due to God’s amazing providence, Mary Grace and I (my childhood friend who I mention in my memoir in Chapter 7  titled Taking it One Day at a Time  and who I blogged about yesterday) are alive today. She is the little girl pictured next to my sister  in a blue dress.

You see Mary Grace and I are sisters of the heart in more ways than one. She too had childhood illness that has affected her ticker. Leaps and bounds have been made since we were children, in medical research, that has helped heart patients have a wonderful quality of life.

Mary has gone on to do some amazing things. Like myself she has maintained a completely normal existence throughout her lifetime, never letting anything stop her. She, too, is deeply aware of the gift of life.

See you tomorrow on All Things Fulfilling. Not sure where I will travel in my writing. I have come to learn the words will come if I am silent and listen to my heart.Sue’s memoir


Pain Free Writing?

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“..sometimes I wonder all those who do not write, compose or paint can manage …” ~ Graham Greene

CNN news recently took a survey and technical writing ended up #28 on the top 50 list for best paying jobs with best growth potential in the coming years. It also ranked as #5 for lowest stress (quality of life) jobs. My interpretation of these statistics is that if you have the technical knowledge in any field, and can write, it is a fulfilling way to make a living. Interested in seeing how other careers rank on this survey? Go to

However, I do question whether technical writing is low stress. Perhaps to the reader it is – if the writer has done a commendable job of researching then communicating his points and data to the audience. For a writer who is focused on excellence,  writing is rarely low stress. Editing, tweaking, rewriting to get the words to flow just right, so that the reader can easily follow the writing, is no easy task! 

Some of the basic things it takes to become a technical writer is addressed in a new article, Tips on How to Become an Independent Technical Writer.  Please visit

Are you someone who has technical or educational information to share? Consider sharing your knowledge through independent publishing! Technical writing is applicable in so many fields – cooking, science, coaching, how to paint, draw or sketch, how to play a musical instrument, computer science, medicine and much more! Wherever your field of expertise lies, there are always communities of like minded people who will search and find and buy your book through the internet, the big wide web of information!


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