The Drama of it All


“We all live under the same sky, but we don’t all have the same horizon” ~ Konrad Adenauer

In the more than 30 years I have spent living in Vermont and now Colorado, I have never heard such dramatic words attached to little white snowflakes! All of the TV stations are  doing overtime to report “snowmageddon and snowpocalypse” on the East Coast. I have heard just about enough.

All the adjectives that are being used to describe the snow in the mid-Atlantic States just do not resemble anything I have ever seen before! When I look out my window in winter, I see:

  • beauty
  • a blanket, soft and white
  • gently falling, white dust of nature
  • tranquility in heavenly white
  • cleanliness and freshness
  • sparkle and glisten
  • crystaline air
  • white fluffy pillows
  • and a quietness in new fallen snow

Not chaos, confusion and catastrophe! With all the disasterous adjectives that the weathermen use to describe the snow, it is no wonder panic ensues.

Instead of cursing snow, how about embracing it, playing in it, walking in it and celebrating it! It does wonders to refresh and renew the soul!

Don’t  you love that global warming?

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6 thoughts on “The Drama of it All

  1. Ha, your post made me smile. I live in the Midwest and I HATE the winters!! There is something very beautiful about freshly fallen snow… the way it sticks to the trees and all the branches so delicately… but then you have to drive in it, walk in it, shovel it.. yuck. Only a couple more months to go, I guess!

  2. At about 10 years into living in “snowcountry” I decided I had better make peace with it (even driving in it) or be miserable every winter. But – by I will admit to you, by the end of the winter I am ready to escape to some tropical place. Thanks for your comment and reading the blog! Stay warm!

  3. We sure could use some of the white stuff up here in Maine. Looking out the window, it looks more like early April than mid February. We would welcome even an inch of snow!!

  4. I agree it is so beautiful, your description is exactly what it is! After living in New England many years, I was happy to escape the lengthy cold winters but I sure have missed seeing that beautiful white stuff now and then. I have been out shoveling, playing, walking in it and I am so happy to see it now and then. To makes everything so peaceful and quiet and softens the landscape so beautifully.

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