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Life is not about what happens to us, it is all about how we respond to it. ~ Unknown

I laughed the other day. My niece posted on her Facebook page that she was at a Baltimore Ravens game and it was “freeeeeeezzzzzzing.” Really, in mid-November? The geographic coordinates of Maryland wouldn’t indicate terribly dramatic temperatures.  I commented that she doesn’t understand what cold reeeealy means. She has never lived in locations where there are artic temperatures. As I write this blog this morning it is twenty-four below zero here  in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. It is not expected to rise above zero today.

sunny thoughts  My motto every winter becomes “The sun is going to shine on me today, no matter what!”. Where I live 350 – 400 inches of snowfall annually is not unusual. It’s piled steep and deep for many, many long months. Sometimes when the temperatures dip so low, I have to dress in so many layers, I walk and move like a penguin.

I put out a welcome mat for Mother Nature, and look what happened she arrived in all her fury. Up until now she has been just teasing us.  I’ll turn these cold blustery days into warm, sunny fulfilling  thoughts through visualization.

Where has this week gone? Did you notice it is snowing as you read this blog? Today on this thoughtful Thursday, I’d like to encourage you to return to All Things Fulfilling tomorrow for Film Friday. I will be featuring a movie and the critique of it from a New York Times best selling author. He has some very interesting things to say about weathering life’s storms.

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State of Sizzle (I Don’t Mean BBQ)

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We must think about things as they are, not as they are said to be” ~ George Bernard Shaw  

Ever since a few weeks ago when author Mitzi Rudderow stopped by to check in on Steamboat Springs, Colorado, the weather has been the subject of telephone banter between the two of us. She has become my personal weather broadcaster from Dallas, TX. I have begun receiving regular reports and tallies of how many consecutive days the temps have reached above 100 degrees in Texas this summer. Steamy, sultry and sticky are what the reports have been all about. It sounds like a whole other country, to me, down there!

So, all of y’all down there in Texas, won’t believe it when I tell you that here in Steamboat Springs, CO the mornings are already beginning to be chilly. Some mornings, slightly below 40 degrees and nippy enough for me to don a pair of lightweight gloves, before I head out the door on my early morning walk. 

Writing out-of-doors just is not possible when your hands have frozen stiff like popsicles and you can’t grip the pen. I am going to explore a few new writing spots before fall really begins to set in. A change up in routine is good for stimulating the mind – new sights, sounds, conversations aid in the free flow of energy! My list of new writing vantage points include:  

  • Next to the river on my favorite rock
  • On a bench in the middle of the Botanic Park
  • Straddling a fence, bordering a ranch
  • Up on a rooftop
  • At a table in different café
  • From the stands of a rodeo arena
  • Atop a ski jumping hill 

Any change from a normal State of being can enhance writing creativity! But, I don’t think I’ll mess with y’all, down in Texas!  I’m not coming down there to write! It’s too darn hot! In a few months, the tables will be turned. I’ll be reporting the depth of snow, while my personal weather broadcaster down in Dallas will be boasting about the balmy state of things down there! 

I think “How bad can it get down in Texas anyway? After all, it is The State of the Arts!”


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The Drama of it All


“We all live under the same sky, but we don’t all have the same horizon” ~ Konrad Adenauer

In the more than 30 years I have spent living in Vermont and now Colorado, I have never heard such dramatic words attached to little white snowflakes! All of the TV stations are  doing overtime to report “snowmageddon and snowpocalypse” on the East Coast. I have heard just about enough.

All the adjectives that are being used to describe the snow in the mid-Atlantic States just do not resemble anything I have ever seen before! When I look out my window in winter, I see:

  • beauty
  • a blanket, soft and white
  • gently falling, white dust of nature
  • tranquility in heavenly white
  • cleanliness and freshness
  • sparkle and glisten
  • crystaline air
  • white fluffy pillows
  • and a quietness in new fallen snow

Not chaos, confusion and catastrophe! With all the disasterous adjectives that the weathermen use to describe the snow, it is no wonder panic ensues.

Instead of cursing snow, how about embracing it, playing in it, walking in it and celebrating it! It does wonders to refresh and renew the soul!

Don’t  you love that global warming?

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