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Life is not about what happens to us, it is all about how we respond to it. ~ Unknown

I laughed the other day. My niece posted on her Facebook page that she was at a Baltimore Ravens game and it was “freeeeeeezzzzzzing.” Really, in mid-November? The geographic coordinates of Maryland wouldn’t indicate terribly dramatic temperatures.  I commented that she doesn’t understand what cold reeeealy means. She has never lived in locations where there are artic temperatures. As I write this blog this morning it is twenty-four below zero here  in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. It is not expected to rise above zero today.

sunny thoughts  My motto every winter becomes “The sun is going to shine on me today, no matter what!”. Where I live 350 – 400 inches of snowfall annually is not unusual. It’s piled steep and deep for many, many long months. Sometimes when the temperatures dip so low, I have to dress in so many layers, I walk and move like a penguin.

I put out a welcome mat for Mother Nature, and look what happened she arrived in all her fury. Up until now she has been just teasing us.  I’ll turn these cold blustery days into warm, sunny fulfilling  thoughts through visualization.

Where has this week gone? Did you notice it is snowing as you read this blog? Today on this thoughtful Thursday, I’d like to encourage you to return to All Things Fulfilling tomorrow for Film Friday. I will be featuring a movie and the critique of it from a New York Times best selling author. He has some very interesting things to say about weathering life’s storms.

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Intuition in Children

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Intuition is a spiritual faculty and does not explain, but simply points the way.” – Florence Scovel Shinn

Last week at the TED conference, a two or three minute video clip of children talking about being were scared was aired. The children voiced their solutions of moving away from the emotive feelings that come with being scared by thinking of happy things – such as pizza, puppy dogs, pretty images.

How astute for young children to realize the value of visualization and to know the importance of the power of the brain to bring about change in our emotions.

In my opinion, raising perceptive children in this day and age is so important. Beyond teaching children they have the ability to change how they are feeling themselves, being well-tuned into our intuition can mean the difference between sensing if our safety is in jeopardy. This is useful for children and adults. A heightened sense of perception can also help steer children in the right direction in life, and aid them in having a strong moral compass.

A psychologist in one segment of the TED presentation spoke of the dangers of parents inhibiting a crucial developmental step in children by not letting children learn by their own mistakes and make their own decisions, within reason. As a person who has always been interested in psychology, this TED session was fascinating.

Raising intuitive childrenCheck out this publication, available in e-book format,Raising Intuitive Children  by authors Caron B Goode and Tara Paterson.

Co-author Dr. Goode is the founder of the e-learning school, the Academy for Coaching Parents International, which trains and certifies coaches for parents and families. She is also the founder of the HeartWise.™ Click for info & ordering more books by Caron B Goode

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