Counting my Blessings

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Gratitude doesn’t change the scenery.  It merely washes clean the glass you look through so you can clearly see the colors.” ~  Richelle E. Goodrich, Smile Anyway

Did you know that being grateful has health benefits? Researchers have found positive scientific health results when people focus on pleasurable things rather than thinking about every day hassles, challenges and headaches that come with life. If you are interested in reading more about the science of positive thinking, here is a link to an article by Robert A Emmons.

gratitudeWhen I  took down the last of the Christmas decorations  I decided the canister that was filled with red and gold decorative Christmas ornaments will serve as my Gratitude Jar. Each day a daily note about the small things I am thankful for has been put in it.  I use only “mini” pieces of paper so I will not be verbose in my writing. Short, simple words to describe a sweet and simple thing that I found to be fulfilling throughout each day is the goal. I’ve also decided to drop a penny into the pot for each good thought and for extra luck. It won’t amount to much over the course of a year but saving for another day is a good practice to get into.

I  began to fill the jar on January 1st, so it contains a month’s worth of daily entries into the jar and I have a lot more to be grateful for! Some of my last week’s entries stated this:

  • I am grateful my manuscript in in the hands of a capable and knowledgeable publisher
  • I am grateful I am almost finished recording the audio book
  • I am grateful the cover design is almost nailed down
  • I am grateful – looks like I may have found an audio editor!!!

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Sunny Thoughts Welcomed Here

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Life is not about what happens to us, it is all about how we respond to it. ~ Unknown

I laughed the other day. My niece posted on her Facebook page that she was at a Baltimore Ravens game and it was “freeeeeeezzzzzzing.” Really, in mid-November? The geographic coordinates of Maryland wouldn’t indicate terribly dramatic temperatures.  I commented that she doesn’t understand what cold reeeealy means. She has never lived in locations where there are artic temperatures. As I write this blog this morning it is twenty-four below zero here  in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. It is not expected to rise above zero today.

sunny thoughts  My motto every winter becomes “The sun is going to shine on me today, no matter what!”. Where I live 350 – 400 inches of snowfall annually is not unusual. It’s piled steep and deep for many, many long months. Sometimes when the temperatures dip so low, I have to dress in so many layers, I walk and move like a penguin.

I put out a welcome mat for Mother Nature, and look what happened she arrived in all her fury. Up until now she has been just teasing us.  I’ll turn these cold blustery days into warm, sunny fulfilling  thoughts through visualization.

Where has this week gone? Did you notice it is snowing as you read this blog? Today on this thoughtful Thursday, I’d like to encourage you to return to All Things Fulfilling tomorrow for Film Friday. I will be featuring a movie and the critique of it from a New York Times best selling author. He has some very interesting things to say about weathering life’s storms.

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Skipping Around with Images

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Each one sees what one carries in the heart” ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The assimilation process of language is interesting. It reminds me how important it is that parents watch their words to their children. One never knows what will come back to us from our offspring.  Words of beauty, compassion and understanding, are better echoed by our children than words of hatred and intolerance. To learn more about language assimilation of children, please read this article

I come by my interest in flowers and gardening, naturally, through my parents. I never realized how much knowledge  I had assimilated about flowers in my formative years until I married a man whose father was a landscaper. Garden talk automatically became common lingo in our household when our lives converged. I am both surprised and delighted when our son whips out names of familiar flowers that have grown in our gardens. He has naturally ingested the names of many species.

I know what you are thinking. “Sue sure has gone out on a tangent this morning – Odd! Where is this subject matter coming from?”I am using stream of consciousness writing, today.  A beautiful flower that I photographed at my parents house  started me down this path of thought.

This flower, digitalis (better known as foxglove) has always been present in my garden. But the blossom pictured, is the most beautiful of its kind I have ever seen. It could serve as a specimen plant because it is particularly noteworthy and deserves “center stage.” The stem is as wide as three stems fused together, and unusually flat shaped – a real treasure. Without the abnormally shaped stem, the heavy and enormous flower would topple over! When I saw it, it made my heart skip a beat.

Those are my fulfilling independent thoughts, words and views from today. Come back tomorrow, perhaps my writing will be more cohesive.

digitalis 3 digitalis 1

digitalis 2

Photo 1: Check out the triple width stem of the unusually formed digitalis.

Photo in Middle:  Three ordinary foxglove (digitalis) and one hefty, atypical plant

Photo 3: Close up of atypical specimen of digitalis.

To read more about this species of flower, digitalis, please go to .