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Yesterday’s blog about creating buzz before the official launch of books, film or music has brought to mind a film that is doing just that – and doing a fine job of it, too!  

ALPFD A Cold War spy thriller, and independent film, directed and produced by Justin Eugene Evans, is expected to hit cinemas after January 1, 2012. Part 1 of the film is available and has already been downloaded more than 780,000 times through VODO 

A Lonely Place for Dying just won 4 more awards at the VanWert Film Festival, one of the 40 film festivals where it has been screened. Awards have come for everything from best screenplay to visual effects awards to best acting to best song track. It is fulfilling news, for a $200,000 budget film. To read more about A Lonely Place for Dying, please visit It is hitting foreign film screens too! 

Looking for More Information on the Summer Film Scene? Here are a few films that are about to come to theatres, and they are adaptations from blockbuster books. 

Sarah’s Key – Limited Release July 22

The Help – In Theatres August 12th

 One Day – In Theatres August 19th

 Have a good weekend everyone. For those who are suffering from the heat wave, take in a movie this weekend in the cool comfort of a movie theatre!




Film Friday Update on ALPFD

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Filmmaking is such a collaborative medium.” ~ Daryl Hannah

Filmmaking is such a collaborative medium.” ~ Daryl Hannah 

The film A Lonely Place for Dying is proving it is alive and well on the film festival circuit that is for sure! I received an update this week on this film that is drawing more attention and awards on the film festival circuit with each passing week. 

So far, ALPFD can boast of 38 Official Selections into Film Festivals across the country and 45 nominations in various categories of awards. This low budget, independent film has won 19 Awards including 14 awards for Best Feature Film. The musical score by Brent Daniels has won awards too. 

Last summer, ALPFD was featured in MovieMaker Magazine  (Issue 88) in an article called “Period Pieces on the Cheap.” It is notable for the sizeable number of visual effects shots in a production of less that $ l million dollars. There were more than 350 visual effects, most of them created on a computer without bells and whistles, from a dorm room at DeSales University  

The total budget was $200,000. Everything was done with economy in mind. Yet this film attracted high profile actors, James Cromwell and Michael Wincott. A Lonely Place for Dying has proven that low budget films can attract quality actors, fans and win fulfilling awards too! 

Just as we promised we will continue to follow this film as it continues on the film festival circuit. The results are not in on some nominations yet. It has claimed awards in Santa Fe, Durango, Cinema City, Wild Rose Film Festival, Myrtle Beach and Indie Spirit…. just to name a few. My guess is there could be more awards on the way.

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