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Yesterday’s blog about creating buzz before the official launch of books, film or music has brought to mind a film that is doing just that – and doing a fine job of it, too!  

ALPFD A Cold War spy thriller, and independent film, directed and produced by Justin Eugene Evans, is expected to hit cinemas after January 1, 2012. Part 1 of the film is available and has already been downloaded more than 780,000 times through VODO 

A Lonely Place for Dying just won 4 more awards at the VanWert Film Festival, one of the 40 film festivals where it has been screened. Awards have come for everything from best screenplay to visual effects awards to best acting to best song track. It is fulfilling news, for a $200,000 budget film. To read more about A Lonely Place for Dying, please visit It is hitting foreign film screens too! 

Looking for More Information on the Summer Film Scene? Here are a few films that are about to come to theatres, and they are adaptations from blockbuster books. 

Sarah’s Key – Limited Release July 22

The Help – In Theatres August 12th

 One Day – In Theatres August 19th

 Have a good weekend everyone. For those who are suffering from the heat wave, take in a movie this weekend in the cool comfort of a movie theatre!




Film Friday

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A Quick Shout Out

Cornerstone Fulfillment Service, LLC  extends their best wishes to the New Mexico International Film Festival in Jemez Springs, NM which begins tonight! Director Justin Evans and Associate Director Marc Leonard have a fulfilling line-up of films to screen for this 1st year film fest!!  Tonight their feature film will be the award winning “A Lonely Place for Dying” with a Q & A Session and meet the filmmakers afterwards.  Don’t forget to ask Marc Leonard how he did his visual effects that won him The Best Visual Effects Award at the Wild Rose International Film Festival. Filmmaker Magazine featured “A Lonely Place for Dying” in the Summer 2010 issue in an article called Period Pieces on the Cheap. The film was recognized for attracting big name actors to the low budget film and for it’s outstanding visual effects done on the cheap! For more information on this film, please visit 

For Aspiring Young Filmmakers

Looking for a fulfilling experience for your aspiring filmmaker? Enroll them now for a summer camp for want-a-be filmmakers organized by the non-profit organization Docs in Progress.

There will be offered a two week camp for middle school students (grades 7, 8, & 9) from June 27 to July 3rd. And a two week camp for high school kids (grades 10, 11 & 12). These camps will provide students the opportunity to work in small groups to plan, shoot and edit a documentary film. At the end of the camp, a mini film festival will be held so that parents and friends can be the first to see the finished work of the aspiring filmmakers. The finished docs will also be uploaded to YouTube for the entire world to see! In order to provide a quality camp, the enrollment is limited, so apply early.  For more information on this Silver Spring, Maryland summer camp, please visit

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A Different Kind of Breed


“…turn a critical eye and ear to what we are offered by the mass media as well as the independent media“~ David Wilson

The filmmaking industry conjures up thoughts of the red carpet, glitz, glamour and buzz! Cropping up are a different breed of filmmakers working to craft outstanding stories with great vision. They do not necessarily have landing on the Hollywood walk of fame as their first priority. Enter independent filmmaker extraordinares!

Independent films are usually made with considerably lower budgets, yet they can be as notable in quality as their counterpart – productions by major film studios. Their content and artistic dimension often sets them apart. Designed to reach specialty audiences rather than mass market, these films are equally as fulfilling to the audience. They win awards at film festivals such as Sundance, Raindance, Silverdocs, IDFA, Durango, Toronto and other places far from L.A.

Apparently, there is a new breed of  independent filmmaker who is centered around “business plans, business models and business books.” He is determined to responsibly manage his  independent film production company and to bring his personal artistic vision to reality. Filmmaking has been “who he is” since the age of 15! His lack of interest in parties and all things Hollywood has landed him and his film company in Albuquerque, NM.

For more information on this up and coming breed of independent filmmaker phenoms, please visit

I hope you will join me in following this filmmakers production company in the coming months and years. I think they have alot in store!

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