Film Friday

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A Quick Shout Out

Cornerstone Fulfillment Service, LLC  extends their best wishes to the New Mexico International Film Festival in Jemez Springs, NM which begins tonight! Director Justin Evans and Associate Director Marc Leonard have a fulfilling line-up of films to screen for this 1st year film fest!!  Tonight their feature film will be the award winning “A Lonely Place for Dying” with a Q & A Session and meet the filmmakers afterwards.  Don’t forget to ask Marc Leonard how he did his visual effects that won him The Best Visual Effects Award at the Wild Rose International Film Festival. Filmmaker Magazine featured “A Lonely Place for Dying” in the Summer 2010 issue in an article called Period Pieces on the Cheap. The film was recognized for attracting big name actors to the low budget film and for it’s outstanding visual effects done on the cheap! For more information on this film, please visit 

For Aspiring Young Filmmakers

Looking for a fulfilling experience for your aspiring filmmaker? Enroll them now for a summer camp for want-a-be filmmakers organized by the non-profit organization Docs in Progress.

There will be offered a two week camp for middle school students (grades 7, 8, & 9) from June 27 to July 3rd. And a two week camp for high school kids (grades 10, 11 & 12). These camps will provide students the opportunity to work in small groups to plan, shoot and edit a documentary film. At the end of the camp, a mini film festival will be held so that parents and friends can be the first to see the finished work of the aspiring filmmakers. The finished docs will also be uploaded to YouTube for the entire world to see! In order to provide a quality camp, the enrollment is limited, so apply early.  For more information on this Silver Spring, Maryland summer camp, please visit

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Film Friday

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“…to increase respect for the creative individual, to widen participation by all the processes and fulfillments of art – this is one of the fascinating challenges these days.”  ~ John Fitzgerald Kennedy 

The New Mexico International Film Festival is a week away. Festival Director, Justin Eugene Evans and Associate Festival Director, Marc Leonard have on tap a line up of fulfilling and impressive independent films that are sure to support their efforts at making this 1st year film festival, touted at being “not the biggest but the best,” all well worthwhile. 

The Festival Opens on Friday night, February 11th with the screening of “A Lonely Place for Dying,” a 94 minute, award-winning narrative film. This film is not an official selection, and is not eligible for the contest or other perks the official selections will receive.  It is a film associated with the festival staff. Following the screening will be a Q & A session with Writer/Director/Producer Justin Evans and award-winning visual effects artist, Marc Leonard. This film is notable for attracting big name actors, James Cromwell and Michael Wincott to the low-budget film and for it’s great storyline. For more information on this film, visit

Official films selected for the NMIFF that will be screened include:

  • Misdirection
  • Food Stamped
  • I F**ing Hate You   (Please do not  be put off by the title)
  • Heart of Now
  • Kavi

To see the full Festival schedule, including after the screening get-togethers and more Q & A sessions, please visit 

Just as I had promised, Sunshine will be present in Jemez Springs, NM and it’s bound to be a great weekend of celebrating independent films and the filmmakers who produced them. Don’t miss out!

 Jemez Springs, NM – site of New Mexico International Film Festival

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Absorbing Culture and Climate


“Attending there let us absorb all the culture of nations and dissolve into our judgment all their codes.” ~ William Empson 

About 20 years ago, my interest in Native American history and lore began. As I read book after book of all things Indian to our young son, I became as absorbed in the culture as he did. I learned right along with him.  Never did I dream this East coast native, would get the opportunity to fulfill her dreams by climbing up the ladders and into the caves of the cliff dwellings at Bandolier National Monument. This weekend, I saw it all for myself first hand, along with our son who has gone from toddler to filmmaker, in what seems like a blink of the eye! 

While in the Jemez Mountains of New Mexico, we stopped and saw the site of the New Mexico International Film Festival. The venue will be as unique as the mission of the film fest itself.  Come February 2011, the  town of Jemez Springs, will be filled to the brim with like-minded artists, whose films have been selected for excellence in independent filmmaking. The community is inhabited with residents who are fulfilling their lives with their passion for the arts. Writers, potters, musicians, jewelers, photographers  and other independent minded people draw inspiration from their surroundings in this town,  removed from city living. For more information on this film festival, and to get a peak on video at it’s awe inspiring surroundings,

Thanks to our host, Marc Leonard, Associate Director of the New Mexico Film Festival for taking this weekend to show us the sights of the area. I even came away with a little pocket change from my 15 minute winning streak at the Sandia Casino. Our quick trip, unfortunately, left no time to visit the galleries in nearby Santa Fe, but it gives me one more reason to return!

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An Invitation Awaits You!


“..the basis of all excellence is truth..” ~ Samuel Johnson

Do you love watching films? Do you love producing films? Then you are cordially invited! That is right, all of you can come to the New Mexico International Film Festival and submit your film, too!  Marc Leonard, Assistant Director of the New Mexico International Film Festival has extended an invitation to the world at large.  For more information on this film festival that is expected to be different than all the rest, visit

See what the Land of Enchantment has to offer for high quality, thought-provoking film entertainment. The organizers of this festival promise all good things – a great audience experience, compensation for filmmakers whose films qualify for the festival’s excellence in standards, superior customer service and after the film parties that really will be after the screenings you won’t miss one moment of what you came to the film festival for!

Kickstart this event right now, by going to Outstanding screens and outstanding scenes in the beautiful New Mexican landscape awaits you!  See you in Jemez Springs, New Mexico in February!


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Weekend Indie Publisher News

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ATTENTION INDIE FILMMAKERS!!! There is an all new film festival on the calendar beginning, February 2011. The New Mexico International Film Festival being held in Jemez Springs, NM in the Land of Enchantment! Read the mission statement of this festival to find out how they strive to be the best film festival you have ever experienced!

Submission Catagories:

  • Short Films: Documentaries (15 minutes or less)
  • Short Films: Narrative (15 minutes or less)
  • Feature Films: Documentaries (80 min or longer)
  • Feature Films: Narratives (80 min or longer)
  • Screenplays (90 to 120 pages  .pdf only)

Enter Early! Beginning October 29, 2010 submissions will be accepted. The earlier you submit, the more you will save.

The best part we have saved till the last – if your film is accepted, you will become a partner, and receive a portion of the box office take!  Assistance with travel expenses will be available and your submission fee will be returned! New concept, new attitudes and an exciting group of people to showcase your film with.  Submit now!

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