Worldwide Interest in Indie Publishing

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It is not in the pursuit of happiness we find fulfillment, it is in the happiness of pursuit.” ~ Denis Waitley

What do the U.K., India, Australia, Macedonia, Russia and Canada have in common? These countries are only the start of the long list of countries that frequent this site. Over the weekend we reached a new landmark in readership – one that I would never have predicted when this blog was started. It’ s thrilling!

What does this tell us? About the internet’s ability to reach far and wide! It also tells me that independent publishing of books, films and music is, indeed, a hot topic of conversation in this age of digitally produced art content. Countries that endorse independent publishing, have common concerns. 

In July, the 2012 Yale Publishing Course will take place. Many global issues surrounding independent publishing will be addressed. The website Independent Publisher has featured an interview of YPC’s Director Tina C. Weiner. To read her interview which provides an overview of this year’s discussion, please visit  To apply for the Yale Publishing course, designed for mid and upper level publishing professionals, please visit this link

Obtaining copyright permissions is just one of many issues that will be discussed at the YPC. A  perplexing and time consuming task, there are experts in this field who can steer you, such as Integrated Writer Services, LLC.  To view the website of Integrated Writers Services, LLC, please follow this link

Thank you to all readers who visit this blog site. Our objective is to share interesting, useful, and fun information for anyone who is interested in the topic of  independent publishing and finding fulfillment in the Arts. 

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Moving Forward

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“Everyone has his burden. What counts is how you carry it”    ~ Merle Miller

There is  no free ride in life, and no one said being an independent publisher would be a walk in the park. You most likely have had successes and disappointments along the way. Don’t we all? But don’t let those frustrations get you down. Let them only be fleeting moments.

As an independent publisher, I am willing to bet that you have the gumption to hang in there, through thick and thin. What made you decide to independently publish was your steadfast belief that your book, film or music is unique, inspirational, educational or entertaining. I’ll wager you are persistant, persevering, have dogged determination, are unfaltering, devoted and unrelenting in your quest to see your project complete.

Precisely the reasons our company serves “independent publishers!”

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