Building from the Right Perspective

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“The foundation stones for a balanced success are honesty, character, integrity, faith, love and loyalty.”  ~ Zig Ziglar 

Last week I posted a blog called Disappearing Acts. It was about how our world as we have known  it is changing, and we are on the rise of a new era. If you missed  the blog, here is the link. 

 Rick, Kyle on roofToday’s blog is about new generations in business. Over the past four or five years, there are many industries that have suffered the effects of a down economy. I’m proud of the men in my family who have been good stewards of a  custom home construction business since 1902! and Throughout  the decades they have experienced prosperity and have overcome challenges, too. The most recent recession hit (the one our country still struggles to come to terms with) around the time the fifth generation  joined the company. My nephew Kyle,part of the new era, has been witness to what it means when adjustments have to take place to make it through rough economic times.

Indeed, the building trades have gone through trials and tribulations. But according to the news, there are positive signs of a come back. Things are looking up. . Like all gifts, years of a good economy and a strong foundation to build on, need to be appreciated and valued. Hard times also serve great purpose in life. As John Powell once said “the only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.” 

I have much faith the family businesses will continue to survive and thrive, if steered carefully and thoughtfully. Knowing that things must be done a little differently, for sustainability, is a valuable lesson for every industry that has been affected by this economy. 

Kyle on roof trusses (1)

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Energy and Sustainability

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All words are pegs to hang ideas on” ~ Henry Ward Beecher

Energy and sustainability are probably the most often used buzz words in the business world today. The other day I began to think how these two words are not specific to any one industry – they are meaningful words to anyone starting a business. It takes gumption, a tremendous amount of passion and unrelenting energy to bring a business from conception to complete fulfillment of having developed a viable, profitable and sustainable company. Not every person has the initiative, flexibility, determination, mindset or focus to be a small business owner.

Business owners can not afford to waste time! Unfortunately, many business owners are doing just that. Almost every business has a computer in this day and age. Sadly, many business owners have not diversified their marketing strategies to use their investment in technology to their advantage. The result – untapped markets, lack of visibility, antiquated marketing strategies and putting the sustainability of a business at risk.

There is a science to successfully reaching out to consumers through the internet. E-marketing professionals understand the logic and reasoning behind it. It includes tactics far different than print advertising and other traditional means of marketing. In the quest for increased visibility in the marketplace, let the professionals who understand how to reach consumers, in this day and age, through the world-wide-web help. Companies that specialize in e-marketing for independent publishers know how to most effectively and affordably reach communities of people interested in a company’s products and services. To read a report on the impact social media has on business, please visit

Business owners are wise when they save energy by focusing on the aspects of business that they can handle. Work smartly and efficiently!

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