Sisters in Spirit


“Learning is the beginning of spirituality. Searching and learning is where the miracle process begins.” ~ Jim Rohn 

Women all over the world are sisters in spirit. This weekend I attended a most fulfilling weekend with a group of United Methodist Women, sisters in spirit, right here in Steamboat Springs, CO. The gathering included a range of women in different decades and seasons in their lives, but we all shared something in common. We were all women who were on a quest to understand more about our place and purpose in this world, and how our spirits guide us in our daily living. 

Life Coach, Mary Nelson of led the women in our weekend retreat in considering what areas of spirituality we are interested in exploring further. The possibilities are many, and a few of them included: 

  • Life Purpose
  • Intuition
  • Connecting with God
  • Angels
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Journaling
  • Prayer
  • Wisdom
  • Affirmations
  • Laws of Attraction
  • Miracles
  • Reading Spiritual books
  • Faith 

Although we were asked to identify just one area, it was difficult to make a choice for some women, including myself. There is no right or wrong in how we as women chose to incorporate spirituality into our everyday lives. Our personal definition of spirituality is different and unique to each of us based on our own life experiences and beliefs. 

If given the choice, what area of spirituality would you like to explore the most? We would love to hear from you! Do you have a spiritual journey that you could share with others through independent publishing?

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4 thoughts on “Sisters in Spirit

  1. Hi Sue,

    Your blog site is wonderful — I am now a new subscriber — and I enjoyed reading your response to our wonderful weekend. I too had a hard time choosing just one quest — there is so much to know, so much to learn! The website you listed for me is my former business web, my spiritual teaching website is: Thanks again for your comments.

    • Thank you, Mary for letting me know the new website for your spiritual teaching website. I have corrected it in my blog.
      Again – thank you for being a wonderful presenter, we all went away from the retreat with new and deepened friendships, food for thought and a renewed spirit.

  2. Thanks for setting this up Sue! I am happy to report that my first morning meditation happened . . . and it was a wonderful start for the day.

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