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 “The greatest thing you can do for another is not just to share your riches, but to reveal to them their own.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

In this economy, many people are searching for meaning and answers.  As suggested in the book “Spend Shift: How the Post-Crisis Values Revolution is Changing the Way we Buy, Sell and Live,” personal transformations have begun from a materialistic to a more fulfilling, values-based way of living. Focus has changed from wants vs. needs, from debt and high overhead to living within means, from excessive use of energy to thinking and living in a more sustainable way. Many are searching for answers through inspirational books, so it is a perfect time to give the gift of a book that will inspire creative, problem-solving thinking. 

The following list of books, Evvy Award winners almost all, provide valuable reading for those on your list who want to see change in themselves, their families and their world, beginning now! Consider these when putting together your holiday buying list. 

For the Children:

  • Ophelia’s Oracle
  • Sarah O’Hara: The Gift of Fairy Wings
  • Heart Light Girls: Beauty’s Secret 

For the Dog-Lover:

  • The Legacy of Beezer and Boomer 

For the Parent:

For the Career Minded:

  • Harvest the Bounty of your Career 

For the Historical Fiction Fan:

  • The Macsen Treasure Series 

For the Environmentalist:

  • Dancing on the Edge of an Endangered Planet 

For the Poetry Lover:

  • Have you Ever Held a Mountain 

For  More Inspiration:

  • Waiting for Jack
  • The Messy Buddha
  • Shiny Shoes on Dusty Paths
  • Let Your Innate Sing 

The economy has inspired the way we publish, buy and sell books too! For more information on these books, the independent presses that published them, and how to order, please visit These books can also be found on the world wide web using your favorite search engine.

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