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Freedom is man’s capacity to take a hand in his own development. It is our capacity to mold ourselves.” ~ Rollo May 

Have you picked up a copy of Poets & Writers Magazine lately? Biding time before our weekly Steamboat Writers Group, I picked up the current issue at the Bud Werner Memorial Library and began to explore the articles.  The November/December issue 2011 is a fulfilling read devoted to changes that have taken place and are continuing to take place in the publishing community. Literary Magazines and small presses are leading the way in building a new model in publishing. 

Attitudes of bigger = better is no longer proving to be true in the publishing world. Going with smaller presses often yields advantages. Big presses are not necessarily more stable. Signing on with one of the publishing powerhouses does not mean an end to economic woes nor marketing responsibilities. According to the article in Poets and Writers Magazine, author’s reputations do not suffer when going with small independent presses. These points of views, long endorsed by literary agents, have not proven to be correct.

If you haven’t read this article, I’d suggest that you do. Thought provoking testimony comes from people who have experienced both sides of the publishing world – employment by large, corporate publishing houses and involvement with the small presses. For more information on this article, please visit

Living in the community of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, where many experienced and published authors reside, I have noticed a shift here, too. Interesting and inspiring changes are happening throughout publishing communities everywhere. Learn more about the fast track approach to publishing. Independently discover and explore the art of the new publishing universe,  in quick time!

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