Time with the Girl Scouts


Children are our most valuable resource ~ Herbert Hoover

It’s been said that spending time with children heals the soul. Yes, indeed, it does. Friday was a splendid afternoon spent sharing “One Day in the Life of a Writer” with  Junior Girl Scout Troop #12622, ages nine and ten.

Writing desk in GS meeting room

Photo: My writers desk in the Girl Scout meeting room

I asked each of the girls to bring a question that they’ve always wanted to ask a writer but have never had the opportunity.  I gave them my Girl Scout promise that I would do my best to serve them further by sharing their questions and my answers today on All Things Fulfilling:

Is that you in the photo on the book? ~ Alison

Yes, it is me, thirty-five years ago on the day I got married.

Do you write on weekends? ~Ella

Sometimes I get brainstorms and write a whole bunch in one day so I won’t have to write on weekends. And I try not to write on weekends to take a break. But, sometimes I get ideas and can’t help myself.

Are you writing a new book right now? ~ Margaux

Yes, actually I am working on two. I have the goal of publishing one in time for Valentines Day 2016. It is fiction, an imaginary story. The other is about independent publishing. That will take more time because I want to share the knowledge a little differently, and I am trying to decide how that might be. I have some ideas…

What are the names of the books? ~Molly

I only have working titles for them at this time, but nothing final.

When were you born? ~ Caroline

1953, I am not quite 62. (Another little girl piped up and graciously said – “Oh! Then you’re not old at all!” To which I smiled and replied “Thank you for saying that!”)

What kind of fiction book are you writing? ~ Jade

One of the awards I won for Gift of a Lifetime: Finding Fulfilling Things in the Unexpected was in the Young Adult category – for ages 12 and up. I like writing for young girls, so this is the genre I’ve decided to write this next book for also. My first book was a memoir. A real life story. This new publication I am working on is not based on real characters but it is based on things that girls sometimes face in life.

Do you think we could read your book even though we are not 12? ~ Caroline

That would be up to your parents. The dialect of the character of Fanny is written a little differently than the way some people talk but there is no bad language such as swear words in it or anything else a nine or ten year old should not read. Since I just read you a chapter and you heard how the star character Fanny talked, you probably wouldn’t have trouble reading it.

What inspired you to be a writer? ~ Margaux

Back in 1998 I started working for an artist who has won every major art award in America. He independently published his own books and videos on painting. Back then very few people did that and I very inspired by it. When I started my own business, I started a blog called All Things Fulfilling and started writing daily. I realized how much I loved to write. I had a story I’ve wanted to tell all my life, and decided to write and publish independently. It’s won several awards.

Where can we buy your books? ~ Alison

On Amazon.com and it is available in paperback, e-book and audio book. By selling it over the internet, anyone from all over the world can purchase it. The real treasure is in the audio book because I narrated it and you can hear me speaking in Fanny’s voice. It won a 2nd place award in the audio book category.

Could you teach me  how to make those flowers? ~ Margaux

Absolutely! I would love to. But, I’ll have to come back and spend more time with you Girl Scouts.

Note: I read aloud the chapter from Gift of a Lifetime: Finding Fulfilling Things in the Unexpected called Paper Roses. I surprised each girl with one of my own paper flower creations that I learned to make when I was a Junior Girl Scout. After my presentation, the girls worked on a project that will give them a firm foundation to write on in coming days. You’ll learn more about Girl Scout Troop #12622’s  art project when you return tomorrow to All Things Fulfilling.


This blog is brought to you by award-winning author, Sue Batton Leonard author of Gift of a Lifetime Finding Fulfilling Things in the Unexpected and Short Stories: Lessons of Heart & Soul.








Human Behavior Dynamics


Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. ~ C.G. Jung

I hope you’ll excuse me this morning. I am rather excited. I received a wonderful comment on “Wheels of Change,” the blog posted on August 8, 2013.The reader commented “You need to be a part of a contest for one of the highest quality blogs on the internet. I will recommend this site!”  

Also, another positive affirmation came from Salley, from the You Are Never Alone Foundation http://youareneveralonefoundation.org/ . She said “Your blog blows me away….How do you come up with something every day?” She was commenting on yesterday’s blog on All Things Fulfilling called “Social Entrepreneurs.”

Thank you, readers. I’ll take those comments as  big compliments, and Salley, I think I have ADD – attention daily disorder. Daily, I look for stories that might be of interest our readers. My attention to All Things Fulfilling is rarely at a deficit.

taking flight The first comment came from a psychology internet site which, in part, is what All Things Fulfilling is about.  My goal is to inspire positive change as it relates to self-improvement, career and business or building a more positive world to live in. All Things Fulfilling means different things to different people. Exploring and discovering how our content might relate to the reader, is their own challenge, as they look into their own hearts.

My inspiration for writing comes from observing the world at large. Finding creative ways of bringing personal happiness to myself and others, is what this site is all about. Sometimes contentment means simply reading a book, seeing  images in an art gallery or movie or listening to sounds that educate, inspire, inform or entertain.

Learned OptimismIf you are interested in expanding your horizons, there is a book by Martin E.P. Seligman, Ph.D. called Learned Optimism: How to Change Your Mind and Your Life. Click for information and ordering The book incorporates the principles of how to look at and find the positive aspects of all things, thus changing our life experience affirmatively. Check it out.Click for info & ordering

This blog brought to you by Sue Batton Leonard, author of Gift of a Lifetime: Finding Fulfilling Things in the Unexpected and www.allthingsfulfilling.com. Click for info & ordering on Sue’s memoir

Joy Comes in the Morning

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“Here, on the river’s verge, I could be busy for months without changing my place, simply leaning a little more to right or left.” ~Paul Cezanne

I need to enjoy these last days of summer. With Labor Day comes the inevitable – darker , cooler days ahead. This morning it is 40 degrees. I don’t look forward to the departure from my favorite season. 

We have had a dusty, dry summer leaving the Yampa River just a trickle in some parts that flow through Steamboat. On my daily walks I have watched the ducks play all season with lackluster spirits. 

The past few evenings we have had hard downpours that have raised the water level.

This morning, I sat at on a bench at my favorite place overlooking the Yampa watching the ducks play with renewed vigor. The water was higher, sparkling rather than murky, and clearly looking more refreshing. The ducks were playing like they haven’t all season- dabbling, chasing each other, diving and shaking their tail feathers with newfound energy. Fresh cold water!

As I sat and watched, I was reminded why early mornings are so fulfilling. It is an invigorating time of day – a chance for a new beginning. No matter how bad yesterday was, we can start out anew with different attitudes and readjust our thinking. 

Today, after I post this blog, I am going to some take time to do what is essential to nurture my own soul and find inspiration. I’ve been pretty busy over the summer. I need a little time to feather my nest and be domestic. So, I’ll straighten my desk and start a new “to do” list that will keep me busy in the coming months.

Oh, yes, and then there is that creative writing course I am starting next week….. chicken soup for the soul. That will keep my creative energy flowing throughout the fall and winter. Let’s see if I can spice up my writing and make a rich concoctions! 

Joy comes in the morning, when creativity is at a high, and my spirit has been replenished by a good night’s sleep. At each day break I awake, turn on the computer, and get busy.

This blog brought to you by www.CornerstoneFulfillmentService.com.

Community of Writers in Steamboat

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“Writers will happen in the best of families.”  ~ Rita Mae Brown

This week is the All Arts Festival in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Art, in all kinds of mediums, will be represented. Performance artists, visual artists and culinary artists will be involved in this five day event that runs from August 14 to August 19th. For more information, please visit this link http://bit.ly/QsiJPR.

In 2012, the literary arts have been added to the annual event with A Festival of Local Authors. Stop by the Bud Werner Memorial Library on Saturday, August 18th from 10am to 2pm in Library Hall. Book signings along with panel discussions on writing history, writing the outdoors, telling stories in novel form, poetry reading and conversation is on the agenda. Book selections from the local writers will be on sale ranging from poetry, to publications of regional interest, to non-fiction to fictional stories – something for everyone.

The Steamboat Springs Art Council, Steamboat Writers Group, Off the Beaten Path Bookstore & the Bud Werner Memorial Library have teamed up to bring together 27 Yampa Valley authors and  publishers.

Indeed, there is a growing population of writers in Steamboat and the surrounding county. Some have been traditionally published while others have jumped on the Fast Track with Independent Publishing.

To learn more about how you can turn your dreams of becoming a published author into reality, there is a 18 minute webinar available through the Colorado Independent Publishers Association that will give you insight and perhaps pique your interest in going forward with your aspirations. http://bit.ly/oIkV2g.

Keep your eye on this website, All Things Fulfilling. We will continue to feature a growing number of authors who come to the Steamboat area seeking inspiration for their writing. Click here if you want to know more about Steamboat and the surrounding area.

This blog brought to you by Sue Batton Leonard, author of Gift of a Lifetime: Finding Fulfilling Things in the Unexpected and www.CornerstoneFulfillmentService.com.