Journalistically Speaking

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I like putting my thoughts out there. Sometimes it is just a relief to get things out.” ~ Sarah Whitfield

Have you ever used a personal shopper? I haven’t, I am a good decision maker and I like to be in control of my own destiny! Besides, I know all that I like and all that I don’t like – usually.

The other day, I began browsing the shelves for a new journal. It’s time, my other one is filled with oh so brilliant ideas! But, gone are the days when a simple diary, with lock and key, will do!  Before I even start my search, I had better decide what kind of journal toting person I am!

First, I need to decide whether it will be leather(english bridle, croc, italian, suede), hand-tooled, silk covered, canvas for the rough and tough, hardbound, envelope wrap, softbound, lockable, a zero carbon notebook, a mini or a maxi or somewhere in between!

Secondly, how about the paper inside it? Lined, blank, recycled, tibetan paper, rice paper, replaceable/refillable, handmade, colored, white?

Not to be esthetically incorrect,I had better match my genre of writing style with my choice of journal style. Shouldn’t a person who writes about cowboy adventures carry real leather? Someone who writes about the arts certainly does not want to tote anything too serious and business like – what would people think?

Next, what are my reasons for keeping a journal? To capture my life story? Enhance my creativity? Help me focus? Gain better organizational skills, help me get in touch with my feelings? Reduce stress? Improve my health?

Not any old journal will do – I had better think long and hard. My choice  could effect the way I am able to come up with so many of those oh so brilliant thoughts! I don’t know, I don’t know!  Shopping for a journal these days is enough to drive you mad! It could consume a whole day! This whole process of selecting a journal has me in a tizzy! I think I will, for the first time ever, call on a personal shopper – perhaps she can tell me what to write too!

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