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“Everyday, things change for me…you make the necessary adaptations.”  ~ Craig Thomas 

I went on a quest today to fulfill my need for information about how many books are adapted into films each year? So, it’s time for all of you to guesstimate what I found out! 

According to one source, Variety Magazine, market conditions have reduced the number of literary adaptations from books to film in recent years. Approximately 30 books are adapted by major film production studios for screen each year. A small number, given the large number of books that are published each year! To see a list of books that were adapted for cinema release in 2010, see this article.

Slated for novel to cinema adaptation in 2011, is a film that I can not wait to see. The novel “Water for Elephants” was one of my most memorable reads in recent years and I look forward to seeing how the cinema version of the story compares. I flat out loved the book! It is being adapted for film along with several other popular literary works. Wondering what other popular literary works are scheduled for upcoming film release in the New Year? Visit to take a sneak peak. 

In order to turn a novel into a successful cinematic release, all the right elements must be there. Are you interested in learning more about how to get your book turned into a film, please visit

 If anyone out there has inside information about what else we can look forward to seeing in theatres in 2011, we would love to hear from you, if it is not top-secret information.  Perhaps in 2011, I’ll see you at the theatre – I’ll buy the popcorn if you save me a seat!


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It is not just about Books!

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Broadway in NY street sign







We have been talking alot of about books these days, but independent publishing isn’t always just about books. There are many screenwriters who have written great stories and those stories have been adapted for live theatre!

My first passion in the arts is for live theatre! For 25 years I ushered at the Weston Playhouse in Weston, VT. Three talented men have taken a community theatre and elevated it to world class stature. If you are ever in Vermont in summertime – you can’t miss a stop in Weston, VT to see a performance at the Weston Playhouse. Weston is also home to the infamous Vermont Country Store.

We have not even gotten to the subject of independent filmmakers, that is a whole other group of independent publishers that we aim to serve in our business of order fulfillment .

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