2013 Sundance Film Festival Finalists


Filmmaking can be a fine art.” ~ Terri Windling 

The selections for the 2013 Sundance Film Festival have been announced, and they’re listed in Filmmaker Magazine and on Sundance’s website. Independent filmmakers covet being selected for this film festival, which was begun in 1978 as a way to bring more filmmakers to the State of Utah. 

Last year, a new festival director was put into place, and although the name of the festival has changed over the years, the mission of discovering independent artists, remains the same. Here are just a few picks from several categories that will compete for “best of” awards: 

U.S. Dramatic Competition

U.S. Documentary Competition

World Cinema Dramatic Competition

This winter’s festival will run from January 17 – 27th. To read the sixty-six selections, to purchase tickets and learn more about the Sundance Film Festival, held in Park City, Utah every year, please visit this site. http://bit.ly/TwQ6T .

Have a good weekend everyone. I am hoping to take in the Life of Pi at the local theatre.

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International Spiritual Film Festival

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“Where people are now in terms of economic crisis… I think that’s when people look to film and to spirituality.” ~  Emilio Estevez 

Spirit, enlightenment, personal transformation, personal fulfillment have been the focus over the past few days on All Things Fulfilling. In keeping with that theme, today we will share some information about an event that is coming up in March, for those of you who enjoy independent films of the spiritual nature. 

The Center for Spiritual Living in Morristown, NJ will play host to Awaken! International Spirit Film Festival in March.  An world gathering of independent filmmakers, films about a variety subjects about our spiritual universe will be screened. Wonderful connections of like minded-people, will no doubt take place over this three day period and tickets can be purchased for individual movies. 

Stay informed for developing details about the event through this website. http://bit.ly/RWn4d2. Last year’s selection of films are posted on the site, and many of them can be obtained through www.imdb.com, The Internet Movie Database. At a later date, information will be posted about the films that will be shown in 2013 and the exact date of the event.

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Inspirational Film Shorts

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 “A film is a petrified fountain of thought.”~ Jean Cocteau

It’s been a reflective week, I guess because of my birthday. I’ve had some meaningful discussions with my mother and I guess that has led to introspection.

While in the mood for “self-examination,” I’ve tracked down some new inspirational films, all “shorts” for this Film Friday. Have you seen them?

    • Signs

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    • Marry Me

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    • Clocktower
    • Wrong Side of the Bed

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    • Validation

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Stay tuned! Next week I will be featuring a book, a new release, that I really enjoyed. It sent me on a journey remembering back to an unforgetable and controversial era in my life.

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International Film Trivia

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I really love it all: theatre, film, television.” ~ Charlotte Rae  

It’s been a busy, busy week! All kinds of fulfilling activities were on my business calendar for this past week. Since it is Film Friday, today we will play a little international film trivia, to mix things up.

If you can answer these two film trivia questions, without cheating, you can consider yourself really “in the know” and on top of the scene! The answers will be located at the very bottom of this page. Good luck! 

  1. Two short documentary films by Macedonian filmmaker Marija Makeska will be presented tonight in remembrance of the Macedonian WWII Holocaust. The names of the films are “Soul Mates” and “Getting to Know Us.” In what city in the United States will these films be screened and what is the non-profit organization that will be presenting these films?
  2. On February 13th, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts http://www.bafta.org/  honored this individual for his outstanding and exceptional contribution to film. Who was the actor? Hint – He played Saruman in Lord of the Rings Trilogy and Count Docku in Star Wars and Dracula in at least 10 films. Who is the actor that was honored with the BAcademy Fellowship at London’s Royal Opera House ? 

Curious? Go ahead and peek. I will not hold it against you! Or you can use your favorite search engine to find out the answers.

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Answers: 1. Steamboat Springs, Co and Macedonian Mission for Humanity. More information: http://www.steamboattoday.com/events/2011/mar/11/9874/

                   2. Sir Christopher Lee

Classic Cinema Celebrations

“It is the little things that make life big” ~ Unknown

I need to do some quick research! In a few days from now, our son will be arriving for the Christmas holidays. Not only do I have to set in food provisions for a ravenous, 21 year old college “kid” but, I need to come up with some movies that we can all enjoy watching as a family. It is part of what we do together during the holidays.

Sometimes I wonder whether my son’s desire to be a filmmaker didn’t start with watching The Muppet Christmas Carol as a toddler. He would sit and watch it three consecutive times before he tired of it. And I plead guilty – I let him!! He was, and still is, a child with over-the-top energy and it was the only way he and I could rest.

I am going to put a little leg-work into finding a newly released independent holiday film. I know exactly where I will start my search – The Internet Movie Database www.imdb.com. Any independently produced movie you are looking for is sure to be listed in this useful database. There must be something fresh and new on the indie film scene that is destined to be a holiday classic! If not, we will pull out the old classic holiday films like Holiday Inn, White Christmas, Miracle on 34th Street and It’s a Wonderful Life.  I never tire of seeing them all.

What will be different for sure this year, is when I pass around the popcorn, I will surprise my son with a bottle of beer, too.  Ah, how kids grow. Enjoy the journey!

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It is not just about Books!

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Broadway in NY street sign







We have been talking alot of about books these days, but independent publishing isn’t always just about books. There are many screenwriters who have written great stories and those stories have been adapted for live theatre!

My first passion in the arts is for live theatre! For 25 years I ushered at the Weston Playhouse in Weston, VT. Three talented men have taken a community theatre and elevated it to world class stature. If you are ever in Vermont in summertime – you can’t miss a stop in Weston, VT to see a performance at the Weston Playhouse. Weston is also home to the infamous Vermont Country Store.

We have not even gotten to the subject of independent filmmakers, that is a whole other group of independent publishers that we aim to serve in our business of order fulfillment .

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