International Film Trivia

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I really love it all: theatre, film, television.” ~ Charlotte Rae  

It’s been a busy, busy week! All kinds of fulfilling activities were on my business calendar for this past week. Since it is Film Friday, today we will play a little international film trivia, to mix things up.

If you can answer these two film trivia questions, without cheating, you can consider yourself really “in the know” and on top of the scene! The answers will be located at the very bottom of this page. Good luck! 

  1. Two short documentary films by Macedonian filmmaker Marija Makeska will be presented tonight in remembrance of the Macedonian WWII Holocaust. The names of the films are “Soul Mates” and “Getting to Know Us.” In what city in the United States will these films be screened and what is the non-profit organization that will be presenting these films?
  2. On February 13th, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts  honored this individual for his outstanding and exceptional contribution to film. Who was the actor? Hint – He played Saruman in Lord of the Rings Trilogy and Count Docku in Star Wars and Dracula in at least 10 films. Who is the actor that was honored with the BAcademy Fellowship at London’s Royal Opera House ? 

Curious? Go ahead and peek. I will not hold it against you! Or you can use your favorite search engine to find out the answers.

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Answers: 1. Steamboat Springs, Co and Macedonian Mission for Humanity. More information:

                   2. Sir Christopher Lee

Film Friday

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The other day, an article appeared in the Steamboat Pilot newspaper that I wanted to explore and share with our readers.  

According to Van Stevenson, senior Vice President of the Motion Picture Association of America, the State of Colorado is lagging behind in the incentives that it offers to attract filmmakers to the State to produce motion pictures.  There are two Colorado State legislators that want to change all that. 

 There is a new State bill that if approved, will add a 10 cent fee to all tickets sold at movie theatres. This 10-cent fee would be first of it’s kind in any State. Rooms, meals, and other services for movie stars and their production crews bring money to States and boosts local economies. A ten-cent fee added to each movie ticket sold seems inconsequential when you consider the financial benefits of having more movies made in the State. When you consider the amount of money people spend on buying a coffee “for the road,” ten-cents added to the cost of a theatre ticket is merely pocket change. 

“Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” and “True Grit” and the television series “Perry Mason” were all filmed in Colorado. But in recent years, few filmmakers have chosen to use Colorado as a location from which to shoot their films. There are many other states that make their state more attractive for making movies by offering good incentives. 

We will follow this story to see just how committed others in the State of Colorado are to bringing  movie production, whether it is independent or not,  to the State and will let you know how it turns out.

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