An Eagle Eye Approach

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He is a great communicator and teacher. He knows how to fix things when they go wrong.” ~ Kevin Steele 

Over the past week or two, my son and I have had a running conversation about deadlines, and how they become the all consuming focus for so many writers, filmmakers and artists. 

Sometimes in the rush to meet a deadline, details that are critical to the success of a project are often overlooked. Yes, rewriting or redoing is arduous and laborious, but, it is not worth risking quality for the sake of just getting the project done and out the door. Presenting a project that is representative of your capability as a talented artist is vital. 

Before the deadline, it is wise to have someone take a hard-line objective look at the project you have been so deeply engaged in. An opinion without bias can serve you well! This step should not be ignored, nor should it be left as a final detail. Suppose there are things that need to be reworked? 

Meticulous does not mean being inflexible. It means caring and putting your very best forward. Think of it this way, what do you look for when you are at the other end? Quality, probably!

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