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“Reputations are made by searching for things that can’t be done and doing them.” – Frank Tyger

I need to talk to Frank and discuss this passion of mine, independent publishing! The subject has occupied all the nooks and crannies of my mind for the past 10 years. Trouble is, Frank’s last name has escaped me! I have been searching all over my digital files, in my rolodex, in my address book and in my file cabinets- to no avail. It is the most foolish thing because he is not the kind of guy that disappears. Since the day we met, when I have been searching for an answer to a question about the independent publishing industry, Frank has been there. Maybe some day, I can return the favor and answer his questions!

It is so difficult when you are trying to think of the name of someone and it evades you! I resorted to the internet to search for Frank’s last name, but that wasn’t much help either! I came across so many Franks – Frank Morgan, Frank Sinatra, Frank Capra, Frank Zappa. My friend Frank is, in a sense, an entertainer too. I used search engine keywords like Florida Publishing Company Owner Frank and all I came up with is a book called “Way Out West Lived a Coyote Named Frank.” No, it is not that Frank! I read that book to my kid, umpteen times, when he was young.

Perhaps I ought to drop it for today, if Frank does not hear f rom me, I know he will call. I better stay close to the phone, I wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity to discuss helping authors get their books out of basements, attic and garages and into the hands of readers. If I hear from Frank, I will let you know what he says tomorrow – so stay tuned, I might have some information I may want to reveal.

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Weekend Indie Publisher News

Attention Independent Filmmakers –

Nomads Land is calling for entries for the Washington, DC Film Series. They are seeking 7 social issue documentary films. Films may be submitted between December 2009 – June 2010.

For submission guidelines, please go to


Reminder:  Cover to Cover Radio Show for Authors and Publishers

Airs every Saturday morning on  with Host Frank Gromling. Tune in on-line and learn about the independent publishing industry.

  • 11:30 am Eastern Time
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Weekend Indie Publisher News

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First things, first!

Tune in This Morning! Poor Frank, he must be feeling ignored! I have been unable to listen to his Radio Show “Cover to Cover” for a few weeks now.  If you have never listened to this radio show for writers and publishers, every Saturday morning is your chance. No need for a radio, “Cover to Cover” can be listened to on line at Host Frank Gromling always has insightful, interesting guests on his show sharing their knowledge of the publishing world.

Tune in at 11:30 am Eastern Standard Time, 10:30 am Central Time, 9:30 am Mountain Time and 8:30 am Pacific Time.

Let’s show Frank our support today!!! Listen in and learn with me!


Registration is now open for The Association of Writers (AWP) 2010 Conference in Denver, CO!! You can save money now by registering early. Major sponsors, literary partners and patrons make this great three day event possible at the Hyatt Regency form April 7 – 10, 2010. The event includes a book fair, presenters and  exhibitors.

A wealth of information for writers is available through the AWP. They sponsor writing contests, writers conferences, information on writing careers and MFA writing programs. Check it out at

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More Indie Publisher News

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Did anyone listen to the Saturday weekly radio show for writers and publishers called “Cover to Cover” hosted by Frank Gromling on  Copywrite information was the subject of the day and the guest was Christopher Kenneally from the Copywrite Clearance Center in Boston, MA. Chris is also host and moderator for “Beyond the Book” The programs are often broadcast on C-Span’s Book TV and in Canada on BookTelevision.

There is alot of confusion and legalities regarding copywrite issues due to the ways in which we publish in today’s world.  We publish on paper, on-line, through electronic digital files, through movies (DVDs) and on cd’s in the music industry. For intellectual property protection,  best course of action is through copywrite registration through the Library of Congress Registration of your publication is not mandatory, however, it is the best way to protect your intellectual property rights.

The Copywrite Clearance Center in Boston, MA is a good resource for non-fiction publishing, where fact checking is essential for business, academic,research, medical and economic related publishing.

If you missed yesterday’s radio show “Cover to Cover” with Frank Gromling and wish to hear what was discussed regarding the issue of copywrite, please go to the archive section of for “Cover to Cover” and look for October 10, 2009.  The broadcast will also be available on Ocean Publishing’s website

It is not too late to listen and learn!

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More Indie Publisher News

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Another opportunity to listen in for news, tips, marketing information for publishers and writers is Blog Talk Radio!

Michigan Lit Radio –  Go on line,  for the weekly scheduled speaker and topic

Marketing and Motivation Mondays feature speaker Monica Marie Joans.

And Don’t Forget – Saturday Mornings on

“Cover to Cover” with host Frank Gromling – featuring interviews with published authors, success tips, how to get started in the publishing field, marketing yourself as an author and marketing your book.

Broadcast times:

  • 11:30 am Eastern Standard Time
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Take advantage of these two broadcasts brought to you free of charge!

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More Indie Publisher News

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Subscribing to magazines and on-line subscriptions for independent publishers can be a great way to stay on top of writers/publishing conferences, book and poetry contests, book reviews, author interviews and other issues pertaining to the industry. Here are some valuable resources:


 “COVER TO COVER”       www.       HOSTED BY FRANK GROMLING  – Weekly Radio Show especially for writers and publishers.                                                                                              Each and every Saturday Morning      

  • 11:30 am  Eastern Standard Time
  • 10:30 am Central Standard Time
  •   9:30 am  Mountain Standard Time
  •  8:30 am   Pacific Standard Time

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The name of this blog is a bit ominous sounding. There is nothing foreboding about this notification. I am writing to remind all writers, emerging and experienced, that the weekly radio show “Cover to Cover” with Frank Gromling is broadcast on Saturday mornings. Tune in to on line. The show is filled with information on getting started as a writer, marketing yourself as a writer, interviews with NY Times best selling authors and local writers exposing their new publications to the public.  It is educational, enlightening and fun to listen to. Broadcast times in the various parts of the country are :  

 11:30 am Eastern                                     10:30 am Central

9:30 am Mountain                                     8:30 am Pacific time

If you haven’t tuned in before, you are missing it!

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