Taking Inventory

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The best thing you’ve got going for you is individuality.” ~ Richard Thompson 

I decided to do something different today – take inventory – my own! After working with artists for many years, the words “right and left brain” have been flung around in my presence quite a bit. I have always assumed that I am what artists are NOT. Fulfilling the duties of what artists find to be tedious, difficult, frustrating and overwhelming has earned me kudos time and time again, so naturally I assumed my brain inventory included the things that theirs lacked. 

After taking inventory of how my brain processes information, my intuition has served me well. Intuition is one of the few right brain traits that I can claim as being what I am all about. Although, when my intuition does not lead me, I do tend to fall into my left brained way of thinking – logically and sequentially.

 My left brain inventory also includes being able to focus on details and being organized. I like making lists and am good at keeping track of time (until all mediums of e-marketing entered into my life!) Lately, I can feel an unfamiliar heaviness on the right side of the skull due to this new occurrence of letting time get away from me, as I utilize my e-marketing skills to assist others become visible in communities. 

My saving grace? In order to use e-marketing effectively, good writing skills and logical thinking are heavily called upon, which utilizes once again the strong, left side of my brain. Result – balance! 

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